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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

15 November 2010

To avenge a wrong

This was to be an important final step in Lucilla Erectus acceptance of what had befallen her.

Some years before she had visited this bewitched garden, though then she was the noble Lucius, and had fallen under the spell of the sorceress Miranda. When she had left the island she was a soft gentle lady totally incapable of gaining revenge for her transformation.

Over the intervening period Lucilla has trained her body to regain much of the strength Lucius once had.,Being somewhat smaller than before, she trained herself to be more agile than her old physique allowed.

Only now does she feel up to the challenge of returning to the scene of her emergence and to remove the threat that Miranda poses to all who cross her path. It will be hard to leave her beautiful daughter Cassandra at home with her husband Augustus, but this is a task that she must do herself.

Although she accepts and likes who she now is, Lucilla cannot forgive that she was an unwilling victim.

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