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25 November 2010

The sword in the crystal

In a realm of myth and legend the prize of a kingdom drew many to face the challenge and gamble their manhood.

21 November 2010

Best to leave her be

Alex believes he may yet find his missing boyfriend, but the pink haired creature he finds lacks all that made Bobby his soulmate.

Such devoted sisters

When there their parents marry Oliver and Emma are faced with sharing a room and the solution works surprisingly well.

20 November 2010

An error in the disguise module

Oh bloody Hell!” Alan yelped as his new body felt the chill of the snowy scene.

He spun around to return through the portal and tripped falling on his new bottom in the snow. Just at that moment he stared in horror as the portal did as it was supposed to do and popped out of existence until he completed his mission in about four hours.

His task was to recover the golden crystal that was an important element of the portal technology, but first Alan was going to need to find something to stop him from freezing to death. Until now it was his lack of clothing that had been Alan’s focus, and, as it was not uncommon in his missions, he had spent little time contemplating the fact that he was currently female.

Though he was feeling less than happy with his predicament, Alan knew that he must set about his task as quickly as possible. Time Agent’s knew the risks they ran of being left trapped in a new era, but accepted the great rewards and kudos that came their way.

15 November 2010

To avenge a wrong

This was to be an important final step in Lucilla Erectus acceptance of what had befallen her.

06 November 2010

Caveat emptor: the no help desk

The transcript of a one-sided conversation with a less than helpful help desk.

Blosilk and his 00 girls

Arch villain Tele Blosilk has made his greatest discovery, a plant extract that when entered into the body made the DNA completely open to redesign. Together with a machine to control the changes and a strong hypnosis he was now able to turn his enemies into much more pleasant creatures.

04 November 2010

Breaking in his new pet girl

Gerald Glumley stared at his pet in her cage and she purred back.

Being a man with powers, Gerald hated the way some louts ruined life for the rest of society. Luther Smith was one such blot on other people’s lives as he blasted out loud music, drank heavily, and broke down many people’s garden walls as he staggered home. Regular law enforcement seemed powerless.

Now she is the big man

One day he was Robbie Evans, club owner and big man about town. Next day she was Shelley Bell one of the girls who provided the eye candy in the club and entertained Robbie’s clients.

His own wife's new maid

Bernard had to admit that he had always been a pretty obnoxious man, but this was just not fair.!

“Excuse me Albert, I need a word with you”

“Excuse me Albert, I need a word with you”

Albert turned to see Martin Glenn, the office manager, standing by the cubicle.

The new madam

Bradley Wheel had been a rough tough cowhand, who brawled with the men and made love to the women. It was this last trait that landed him in a whole heap of trouble!

Giving him what he didn't ask for

When caught in a dress by his grandmother, who he lived with since his parents died, Oliver tried his best to explain that he just liked the way women’s clothes felt

Not the resurrection he dreamed of

When Ezekiel Grant found out that he was dying he didn’t feel sorry for himself. Instead he through all of his efforts into cheating death. He created a facility that could store human bodies in a state where they would not decay and, when genetic techniques were capable, those with his disorder could be cured and restored.

Damn, I wish I was as hot as her

Ever since their father had run off with his secretary things had been difficult for Ian. His mother developed a deep hatred of all things masculine and threw out all of Ian’s clothes and if he wanted he wanted to dress at all he had to wear his big sister Melissa’s hand me downs.

The Serving Girl Prince

It was a confusion of circumstances that would have dire consequences for the state.

Prince Barios, as a part of his training to be king, was spending at least a month as a lowly serving girl. It was a magical transformation all royal princes were expected to go through to teach them humility. Barios was a good man and played his part with confidence and gentility.