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31 December 2011

A New Year Wish Granted

When Fairy Chrystalbelle catches an unspoken wish she decides to grant it.

Many thanks from Anne Oni Mouse to all those who have been kind enough to visit this blog in 2011 and here's hoping 2012 will be all you could wish for.

Look What You Lot Have Done To Me

So here I am on New Year's Eve captioning for all I'm worth

This little indulgence ends with my New Year's Day post Slumped into a Deep Sleep

"Cat Sitting" by Icolan

Just wanted to recommend a hot little (23 page) comic by Icolan on his Who Needs Freehand site. It does cost $3.00 but that is money well spent.

You're A Disgrace To The Team

This came to me after watching a football (soccer) match today and anyone with an interest in English football will get the references. Might be a little harsh on the player concerned, but I enjoyed making it.

This Wasn't My Fantasy

Sometimes the idea/dream of something can be so overwhelming that you don't think it through, and others may have different ideas when the help to bring the dream to life.

Trying To Live On A Student Loan

There was a recent story about the fact that more and more students were working in the sex trade to make ends meet. I wondered how that might relate to our area of interest.

007 - Licensed To Wear Lipstick

It had to happen one time that 007's antics would get him into trouble

30 December 2011

Damn Her And Her Elixir

Fighting the effects of the elixir a surprising solution is found

The Inheritance

The terms of the will seem to mean he cannot inherit his aunt's estate, but a lot of money is at stake.

29 December 2011

Surprise Return To The Soap

When they were working on a big storyline they reckoned this one would blow the rest out of the water.

I Have Got To Have Her (Body)

My mind got a little voice inside it that twisted what I was thinking

28 December 2011

Thank You Evie

In recognition of her support in commenting on this site I would just like to pay this little tribute to Evie of Evie's Backburner blog

Where Did She Find Those Words From?

Everything seemed so good, he could have any girl he wanted, but then from nowhere she found those key words to turn his world upside down.

No Arguments Young Lady

The troubles of a young tearaway force his family to move to a new town and his mother makes the decision that it is time for a new start.

Wow, Just Wow

The revenge goes wrong for some, but now all

27 December 2011

Suited to a Bigger Change

Bill had a plan to acquire a sex-slave and his flatmate Rick was to be the lucky girl, even though he wasn't one at the time. (With changes added)

26 December 2011

An Elf Really Messes With The Misses (And Masters Too)

Industrial relations break down in Santa's workshop and a sacked elf indulges in some present swapping.

Santa is bewitched

Santa, rather the worse for wear after all those drinks left out for him, crashes his sleigh into the roof of a cottage - unfortunately it belongs to a witch who isn't best pleased.

This short comic is also available as a PDF to download from my 4Shared account.

25 December 2011

Santa Is Found Out

A three part tale that some will find disturbing, if you find a submissive Santa taking it up the rear disturbing (If you do then please look away as I don't aim to offend and this is a site for adults only).

Santa Goes on Strike

It is Christmas and a fed up Santa has gone on strike. This is when his wife decides to save Christmas and ride out on her husband's sleigh instead of him.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas

24 December 2011

Twas The Day Before Christmas

I hope you enjoy my little seasonal offering

23 December 2011

Very Strange

Waking from some strange dreams something seemed to be a bit different

This was one I did earlier in the week and thought I would release into the wild after a thread on POV stuff in the forum on femur's TGComics site

Proving His Point

When his mother keeps going on about how much trouble he is how much better it would be if he had been a girl Oliver decides to teach her a lesson ... oops

22 December 2011

I Don't Want To Go On Top Of The Tree

Be careful when you advocate a change to the tradition as it can go further than intended

Here's One I Made Earlier

For all fans of a certain type of TV programme we have a rather impressive demonstration of how to make your very own sissy.

21 December 2011

Wow, You Look Amazing Bobby

Transformed into a slave girl as a result of a case of mistaken identity. The intended victim will be really pissed of when he finds out what he missed out on.

20 December 2011

Doctor, Doctor

OK, just added a Doctor, Doctor joke flash animation to my 4Shared account.
I have just updated this with all the pages for those who don't do flash/want to read it here (The first page has a new comment, plus there is a final new page).

Baited and Mated

An undercover officer gets a life changing experience

19 December 2011

No Way Do You Sell Me Brother

When Tina overhears her brothers conversation she leaps to the wrong conclusion and into a heap of trouble

18 December 2011

Such Devoted Sisters

When Cheryl loses her best friend she is really upset, but she finds someone else to come with her on the prowl.

17 December 2011

Good Girl, Would You Like To Lick My Toes?

It's too late to right the wrong so he'll just have to look after her.

16 December 2011

Naughty And Not At All Nice Until . . .

When a store Santa goes off the rails there is someone there to put him on a very different track.

15 December 2011

Deeper and Deeper

The story of a mild-mannered crossdresser being blackmailed into gradually giving up all of his life, including his gender.

14 December 2011

Has A Hero Returned With An Explosive Impact?

This follows on from my story published on 13 June 2009 about a British Army officer captured and, as a form of torture, feminised into an Arab sex slave. This story reaches a horrifying conclusion with strange stories surrounding a bomb blast at an army base.

13 December 2011

Reality Is Realligned After His Mischief

One of those stories that tells us it can be a mistake to play around with magic

12 December 2011


I had sort of forgotten this one until I saw it again a couple of days ago, having re-jigged it to my current format (Conchitta was orginally put up 5 March 2010)

I have created a companion piece, from the point of view of the new Raul who has plans for the new Conchitta.

11 December 2011

Marriage Is For Life

A brother helps out by letting his sister turn him into a woman to marry his boyfriends brother, but he isn't aware of every detail of her plan.

10 December 2011

An Unusual Hostage Situation

A scientist decides to make the most of his discovery and kidnaps a bank president in an unusual way, though with the usual results.

But Coach I Don't Want To Join The Girl's Gym Team

A lad finds he is changing teams to the girl's gymnastic team and pleads with her coach to not force her to do it.

I came up with this while walking back to work after lunch. I saw a sign to a training camp and thought of camp training.

09 December 2011

My Cellmate Big Maude

A virtual reality fantasy holiday in a women's prison goes wrong, which makes it right in a strange way

Introducing The Sphere

The Serious Crime Team are the crime fighters who do anything to get their man, and do it over several years as they are tackling the most ruthless criminals. Their agent Maxwell Cedilla goes really deep under cover as the daughter of a drugs lord.

Things do not go as planned and instead of news of crimes she gets engaged to a prince and her marriage makes her father think again about his underworld activities.

Everyone, I'd Like You To Welcome Masami

A lecturer gets annoyed when a boy keeps messing up her psychiatry classes and sets out to turn him into a nicer member of her class.

08 December 2011

Taking Separate Holidays

He hated it when his wife said they would be holidaying apart at the clinic, from then on things got weird.

07 December 2011

I Didn't Want You To Be Lonely

When his wife goes on a women only course he decides that he still wants to be with her

My Twisted Little Life

When his wife wants a divorce, but likes his money, life took a different turn

06 December 2011

Damn That Genie

I don't know why anyone is still foolish enough to allow a genie to grant their wish, it allows goes wrong.

Whatever Happened To Lucy From the Perfectaform Bodysuit Advert?

This blog has been following up on an advert we published last year and would like to tell you about the new life of Lucy (formerly Jim) who appeared in it.

Thank the Lord, He Has Come Back To Me

Reading a beautifully written diary from more than a century ago takes him back to a different age, and body.

05 December 2011

The Dolly Booby Trap

He touched the pretty dolls breasts through her dress, which proved a pretty dumb move

This is another of those stories that has been hanging around for months.