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26 December 2011

Santa is bewitched

Santa, rather the worse for wear after all those drinks left out for him, crashes his sleigh into the roof of a cottage - unfortunately it belongs to a witch who isn't best pleased.

This short comic is also available as a PDF to download from my 4Shared account.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tale
and I pray that you didn't find it stale
As you can see the problem is catching
creating ends of lines that are matching

My fervent wish is the you have enjoyed the season
and it hasn't been spoiled for any reason
Into the the future without any fear
I wish you a Happy New Year

Anne Oni Mouse


  1. Oh dear, looks like Santa is gone and Sarah is here to stay! How delicious...

  2. I certainly think that by June Santa/Sarah may have a whole range of interesting experiences.


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