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21 December 2009

Santa grants a Christmas wish

William was not a happy man. His beloved girlfriend Susan had been killed in a car crash earlier that year and now he faced a lonely Christmas. To feel nearer to Susan he was wearing one of her pretty nightdresses and as he knelt he made a silent wish that Susan could come back for Christmas.

Santa Claus was on his big run and as he passed by he received William's wish and, knowing that he had been a good boy all year, he granted the wish.

In the morning Susan woke up where William had been. She was alive and felt wonderful, and was going to have a wonderful Christmas. What she really wanted was a happier New Year as she was only now getting over the death of her boyfriend William.

19 December 2009

Santa get's what he didn't wish for

Santa has had his usual tiring Christmas and takes to his bed on return. Unfortunately a disgruntled elf ensures that his life is never the same again.

Find out what naughty Cadwallah did to Santa when you read the illustrated story from my area on 4Shared. It is a short story and leaves many questions still to be answered.

A very happy Christmas for us, but will it be for Santa.

06 December 2009

Billy Balls is back on stage

Sometimes the lure of fame and fortune can make you do outrageous things in order to get back to the top.

28 November 2009

Hoping to keep his postion

Ian is horrified to find the note hidden in his private place and now complies with the instructions, hoping his secret won't become public.

22 November 2009

With Friends Like These

I have just finished (as far as I am going for now anyway) a comic that comes from my previous captioned image. You can download the PDF from

Brad goes on holiday with three so called friends who are makeup artists and proceed to give him a makeover and a glimpse of a different life that he finds quite attractive.

21 November 2009

Match abandoned, fixtures rearranged

Sports officials are often the butt of anger from the fans. Here a supporter who has travelled a long way gets his own back when the game is called off and rearranges the referees fixtures permanently.

17 November 2009

Former Director Andrew Davies and her new partner

Where security is really important the department will take absolute care that it isn't compromised.

16 November 2009

Leon's troubles come to a head

Leon was not a great husband and had strayed from his marriage vows. This was probably not a wise move when his wife has magical powers.

15 November 2009

This poem sucks

OK, this is a little bit of naughty fun as one thing leads to another.

14 November 2009

The strange case of the borrowed wetsuit

Dave had decided that he really needed to keep up his practice for the triathlon he had entered. The only suiatble piece of open water nearby was a lake that was very cold at the time of year. So it was that he took the fateful decision to borrow a wetsuit.

A few misplaced words

Billy is such a lovely boy, always willing to help, it's just a shame that he does occasionally open his mouth and let out words that would be better left unsaid.

09 November 2009

My father the exotic dancer

How far will a father go to make amends when he almost wrecks his daughters wedding? This is quite a sacrifice.

07 November 2009

Oh dear mistress is dead

Sometimes something bad happens, that you think could be good for you, then you realise it could be really bad.

Magda finds it easy to look shocked

Some instructions are easier to follow than others.

06 November 2009

Prince Albert meets her match

The war is over and love is soon in the air.

05 November 2009

Suddenly Jack finds a bigger problem

What would it take for a man to be distracted from the fact that he is suddenly female? in this case he finds himself naked and being stalked by a big cat.

02 November 2009

Cursed to become lesbian lovers

An angry witch casts a wild curse that changes reality so that everyone becomes the way that they currently appear. At that time Jack and Alice are playing a role reversal game.

01 November 2009

With friends like this

We all know the risk of falling asleep on the beach and finding those with you have thought it jolly fun to do something like burying you in the sand. Well Brad went to the beach with some film make-up artists who were more imaginative than most of us. Now he has to find a way back to his hotel room.

31 October 2009

Is James maid for fun?

James was enjoying his time in the bodysuit and maid outfit, as he often did when he got the chance. Then he felt a hand on his rear and had to make a quick decision what to do next.

Mark's shyness is cured

How far would you go to get over your shyness? For Mark it was a real problem that it seems his therapist was well able to cure, and he was also able to give mark a whole new life as well.

27 October 2009

Gwen's macho boyfriend

Sometimes relationships can get a bit complicated. Here Gwen is shocked by her boyfriend Peter's appearance in a pretty waitress costume. This has come while she is still trying to find the right moment to tell him that she hasn't always been like she is now.

18 October 2009

Barry finds a new career

Becoming a girl was the furthest thing on his mind when Barry visited the plastic surgeon who he wanted to give him his perfect body, having gone as far as exercise could take him.

Matt finds he's a natural cheerleader

In these enlightened days we are all encouraged to break down the barriers that have barred people based only on their gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. So it was that Matt, hoping to see the hottest girls in skimpy outfits - or less - applied to join the newly formed cheerleading squad. Little did he know how well she'd fit in!

Apparently cheerleading is being promoted in UK schools as one of a range of non-competitive sports.

10 October 2009

A date with the sculptress

Ok, this is short, but I did enjoy rattling it off, so I hope someone enjoys it.

Gerry thinks his date with Vanessa, a hot blonde sculptress, is going very well, but it takes a turn that he really wasn't expecting.

03 October 2009

Christina sits and plots

So what would you do if you started getting flashbacks of a time when you were not the sex you are now? Christina has decided to take her time deciding how she will "reward" Michael for her transformation.

29 September 2009

Nicola waits for her sweetheart

For Nicola ignorance is bliss, but should it be?

27 September 2009

Brad reaches Hell

A simple caption where a vicious sex killer finds he is in Hell in the form of his victim and facing a horde of the excited denisons of that place.

... and his personal Hell just kept getting worse

19 September 2009

Mickey stands up

Continuing on from Mickey stumbles into a new world this comic page is his response to his girlfriends gift of femininity.

Shelley's works hard at her job

Shelley works hard in her role in the nighclub, but she isn't sure how Aldo turned her into a girl and has no idea why. She has learned her special skill and makes sure that her clients appreciate it.

08 September 2009

Gender warrior on the run ... and other stories

Thought I'd put up this one that I actually created almost three years ago. A soldier has volunteered for special duties, but goes on the run when he is feminized and put in pretty pink lingerie.

This is another old one I always rather liked based on the trusty stag night bad bad theme - always more realistic on an occasion where most are drunk.

. . . and finally

Well what would you do if you were a macho man and found youself a girl and in danger of losing her mind - RUN!

06 September 2009

Brad's flu bugs him

Just a quick captioned image on that well-trodden path of the sex-change following a flu-like illness. The difference this time is that, while Brad's body goes to the female side his head goes rampaging off in a masculine direction.

30 August 2009

The Birthday Present

This is a longer version of story that I posted as a captioned image at the start of the month. It is now expanded into a short (18 pages) comic. (Updated 31 Aug to correct text problems)

You can download it from 4Shared

Mike's wife buys him a week at a special place where he can play out his sexual fantasies as a woman. What she doesn't tell him is that it is going to be a more permanent arrangement.

The images in this comic were rendered using DAZ Studio 2.3 and were brought together using Comic Book Creator 2.

Mikey stumbles into a new world

Mikey walks down the stairs at his girlfriend's home and finds that his sense of balance is a bit off. It might have something to do with the fact that she has feminized his body.

An image rendered in DAZ Studio 2.3 and manipulated in Xara Xtreme Pro 5.

29 August 2009

Show me your tits

Thought I would also let "Show me your tits" out. This is a short comic I mentioned earlier, in my TG Comics Forum announcement thread, where a body builder gets developments he really didn't want.

It can be downloaded from 4Shared

This comic was rendered with Daz Studio 2.3 and put together in Xara Xtreme Pro 5.

Introducing Andrea Sweet

OK, my latest comic is now available to download from 4Shared.

The story is of Professor Albert Strange who is betrayed by his research partner and ends up as Andrea Sweet, the property of a gangster.

This comic was rendered using Daz 2.3 and put together using Comic Creator 2.

Finishing is the hard bit

I keep getting these ideas for comics/stories and rush of to create them. The problem is that I invariably find that the simple little tale I envisaged pulls me off in new directions as I created it and I am faced with new angst as to how to finish with it and throw it out to be viewed by the masses (living in hope!).

It is my own fault for not being good at planning everything in advance. Instead I get the germ of an idea, work it over in my head and start work putting it into practice. So I rush at it, seem to be getting to a logical end point of something short, then my mind says that it would be more fun if ... and off I go at a tangent.

23 August 2009

Mandy's new model life

Not sure if this counts as identity theft as the victim was dead.

Mandy is the new remotely controlled supermodel made from a body donated to medical science. How much more convenient to have a cheap model who will do what is asked without question - and much cheaper too!

17 August 2009

Jack's red light experiences

Red light spells danger for Jack as his wife makes him become Shelley and give blow jobs as a punishment.

12 August 2009

Stripped of Respect

This is a one page comic that could well be the first of a series. Plain clothes cop Nicky is told that he has to go undercover as a transvestite exotic dancer/stripper in a club. He hates the idea, but his boss will not be moved and Candy Kupp makes her debut on the podium.

Hope you like the final image.

10 August 2009

Daddy's lesson

OK, it's here as promised as few weeks ago. It isn't totally satisfactory, but sometimes you reach a stage where you just have to decide it is as finished as ever will be.

Daddy's lesson is the transformation of a not very good father into a girl by his slightly deranged daughter.

You can download the PDF or a zipped directory containing the images from my 4shared area.

08 August 2009

How much longer?

This is another short one where the changes are quite early, and at a stage where the panic begins to set in.

I just brought the David figure from the current Daz sale to give me an extra male alternative figure, and then proceeded to try and make him more feminine.