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26 March 2011

You hate me, don't you?

A bit of a surprise posting this as it is a short comic, 14 pages, and was completed in a day. As usual the story can be downloaded as a PDF from my 4Shared account.

23 March 2011

Being Maid to Serve

We welcome back Steve who, after he was "Caught by the Hired Help" and then "Becoming the Hired Help" is now "Being Maid to Serve".

This part is 55 pages long so is available either as a PDF of Zip from my 4Shared Account.

Steve/Stephie will be back in "Being Maid to Choose".

20 March 2011

Don't Worry Katie

Paul is prepared to wait for Katie to be ready, but that doesn't sop him feeling frustrated

Being Kallie

Kallie's dreams are disturbing, or is it Bob's dreams?

12 March 2011

A Kiss Goodbye

A bodyswap changes Bill and Caroline's relationship, but they grow together and then comes the draft.

Oh no, Melody is Doing it Again!

Melody doesn't like the sportsmen at the school and has made it her mission to remake them into gentler souls.

09 March 2011

Becoming the Hired Help

This story follows on from the shorter "Caught by the Hired Help" published a while back. I was hoping to have another part developed before releasing this, but haven't worked on it for a while, so here it is. Also available as a PDF via 4Shared.

Now Steve is guided into some new work.

06 March 2011

Why am I bright pink? (Continued)

Dick made his decision and, much to Rachel's surprise, took on the role of Riki, a working girl.


The story so far is available as a PDF via my 4Shared account. There is more to come (currently 23 pages in the story)

03 March 2011

Just a Phase

Bernard is assured by his wife that it is just a phase that Jimmy is going through ... but it is quite a big and determined phase.

Fading into Sisterhood

When Cheryl finds a new man her husband is surplus to requirements and he is recycled.

This is my new radio controlled woman

Mike has got rid of a whistleblower and has also created a new product for the company.