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27 February 2010

Paying off their debts

Who would have believed the stories were true and that men really were turned into women when they couldn't pay off their gambling debts?

My boobs, my baby, my life

Following on from "My boobs, my belly, my wife",the story continues after the birth has taken place.

Last chance to save his mind

William faces a dilemma of whether he should risk death in the cold or submit to the completion of his transformation into Jessica.

With a passing nod to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

He's only a bird in an ungilded cage

Once upon a time there was a poacher who was court by the local landowner and he had ideas for punishment that some of us might see as enlightened.

24 February 2010

My boobs, my belly, my wife

An unforunate husband awakes from a long period asleep to find that his wife has used her skills as a surgeon to perform some groundbreaking procedures on him.

I was looking at through some sites and one (Papa Dragon's TG) said all caption sites should have a POV image, and I had failed in this duty

Modelled into the artist's model

I often think back to that fateful night when I accepted Rob’s offer of a pill to help me chill out. There was no reason to think that my best mate would do anything nasty to me. Of course I didn’t know that he had found out about the fling I had with his girlfriend....

22 February 2010

Please don't change me back

Mortitia volunteered to become a male and fight in the war, but now the war is over and what the nation really needs is women to become the mothers of a new generation.

20 February 2010

An understanding wife

Rory's wife was understanding of his need to cross-dress, but when Carol fell for another man their marriage seemed doomed.

George's clothes fit differently now

Be careful who you ask for help, George wasn't.

18 February 2010

Conflicting emotions?

If only they knew each others secret.

14 February 2010

Supporting his sister

Nicky is being a supportive brother, but when it means pretending to be her sister he isn't really too keen.

Who's sari now?

When a man's racist attitude results in a change to the way he see's (and speaks to) the world.


(Sorry for the pun)

Accepting Charlotte 2: a trip with Uncle Dylan

Following on from the previously posted Accepting Charlotte, this reflects Charlotte's excitement as her Uncle takes her to college.

Reality of my new life as a single mum

We all have our ideas of what we would wish for if we got the chance. Seeing the lives that others lead may make us jealous and have us make a wish that gives a rather unexpected result.

13 February 2010

My sister in law is a witch, no really, she is!

My sister in law lays on a demonstration of her magic powers, which I didn't know she had when I called her a scheming witch.

12 February 2010

Slave to the music

We hear a lot about the power of music and in this image it imposes a new reality.