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30 June 2012

Hot Sexy Lover

You know you love internet porn!

29 June 2012

The Office Manager

A bet with an ulterior motive

28 June 2012

Teacher's Pet

As you may notice, I have been playing with a different programme to make this one.

27 June 2012

It was all fine - at first

26 June 2012

That man must be crazy

25 June 2012

Suits-U Sir, Madam, whatever

24 June 2012

Getting naughty is so nice

Carrying on from What have you done to me? and Naughty or nice, Andrea continues to demonstrate her skills as an oral virtuoso.

In the warm light of a new day

Wash and gone

23 June 2012

Why did he drink it?

Naughty or nice?

As my previous caption got a nice response I thought I'd move the story on

What have you done to me?

Brandy Rides Again

made for the June Caption Contest at Rachel's Haven

22 June 2012

Thank Goodness For My Sister

Posted at Rachel's Haven for bimbocollette

21 June 2012

A sexual VIP

Just a little bit of nonsense. To get the rhythm think Jungle Book.

20 June 2012

Could it be real?

Published at Rachel's Haven for Elise

19 June 2012

If a job's worth doing

Made as an idea for the next Haven Quarterly, but not submitted.

18 June 2012

The Next Generation

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Chifa15

17 June 2012

The Guiding Hand

With all the beautiful redhead captions posted by Steffi on her blog this weekend I really wanted to make my own as a sort of thank you to her. I hope this is almost worthy.

An inferno of hatred

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Raven

16 June 2012

War can be brutal

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Nathanx

15 June 2012

Being the surprise girl

14 June 2012

Not expecting romance

Just a little caption I put together

At the wedding

The latest post marking my progress at Rachel's Haven

13 June 2012

I wish I was born a woman

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Neomagick

12 June 2012

The Showgirl

Posted at Rachel's Haven in Lyonrunford's trading gallery

11 June 2012


Michael has a very interesting view into the home of his sexy neighbour

I have been writing some captions for the next Haven Quarterly. This was one I decided not to send in.