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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

17 July 2010

Laura's new doll

If only Mike had agreed to sell the company he would have been fine.

At last his chance to escape

With life going in a terrifying direction John was prepared to stick his high heeled foot out onto the roof.

16 July 2010

Breezy Gust: made to please - if you'll let her

What do you do when your best male friend is now a girl and knows nothing of ever being male?

15 July 2010

Undercover boss under minimal cover

The show was going to be brilliant, until the star business man became distracted by her boyfriend.

13 July 2010

The Permanent Upgrade: Betrayed by His Dream

The basis of this story is about the unusual sexual fantasy of a man to be a sexy slave girl and serve her master. His wife’s desire to help him out ends up costing them both.

If such subjects are not your thing then please do not bother to read it. Also, if your less than 18 years old then please do not read it as it is unsuitable for you.

This is a short story with just one illustration near the end. 

This is also available as a PDF

11 July 2010

From Bully Boy To Sari Girl

It may be simplistic, but the world is a better place by the end.

I did want to say that I was inspired to return to this theme by "From Nick to Mrs Nadira Patel" on the Transgender Pictories blog.  I did something similar before with "Who's Sari Now"

10 July 2010

It all went too far

ary wanted Rob taught a lesson on how a man should treat a woman . . . it all went too far

04 July 2010

Hello neighbour

When John does a bit of dressing up it sets him a few problems when he meets his new neighbour

Advert for PerfectaForm bodysuits

(Also available to download as a pdf)

My take on an old them, but it works for me.

03 July 2010

The Last Time Lord?

An homage to Time Lord regeneration as he gets his wish to be ginger, but a lot more is different.

The catching of a stalker

The man who has attacked several women after stalking them is about to be caught out by his final victim

The New Shopping Channel Demonstrator

Sometimes you have to change so that your face is suited to television.