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28 November 2011

Becoming The Teacher's Pet

OK, this one kind of got away from me in ways I wasn't quite expecting.

27 November 2011

I'm Sorry Mr Smith, It Won't Come Off

Iain Smith is trapped on a new path after a bit of sexual adventure

No Resistance From Her Weak and Feeble Body

The new idyllic world of Queen Brodina is shattered as barbarian hordes sweep across the kingdom.

Continuing the "Body of a weak and feeble woman" series.

26 November 2011

Welcome To The Play Room

Susie remembers how her hypnotically persuasive business partner gave her this dream job

I Wished For A Perfect Body

Cuthbert Schwartz, an adventurer, is remove from time and placed into a new life many years earlier.

23 November 2011

Tricked Into A Mad New World

When he can't get a volunteer the mad scientist leaves a window open and waits fro someone to come in.

22 November 2011

Please Calm Down Sir

The magician didn't really believe in magic until this unfortunate incident

21 November 2011

Now Where Has Bobby Got To?

Standing a girl up on a date can have serious consequences.

This is one a made a while ago, but thought was a bit of fun.

20 November 2011

Memories Trickle Back

As time passed memories of another past came into my mind

19 November 2011

From the Body of a Weak and Feeble Woman

Carry on from "The Body of A weak and Feeble Woman" the new Queen fulfils her new destiny.

I have one more twist to add to the tale, the image is almost ready and it will be revealed in a week or two.

17 November 2011

A Body of Evidence

The detective calls to investigate a disappearance.

16 November 2011

I love my naughty life

Max believes it is best to make the most of a new situation

15 November 2011

Almost Ready for a Bikini

Her revenge was long and total

14 November 2011

The Mad Girl in the Attic

Mummy didn't like how her boy was turning out, but possibly went a bit far.

This was one that kind of came into mind and to fruition quite quickly.

13 November 2011

Darling, You Look Divine

He just seemed to lack the will-power to resist

A Favour Too Far

Barry does a big favour for his girlfriend, with life changing consequences

This has lingered on my hard drive for many months so I thought I would let it escape now.

12 November 2011

But Why Your Daughter?

When Bill and Phil had to disappear Bill left the arrangements to Phil and is not too happy with the results.

11 November 2011

At last I can be me

Michael has his weekend planned just fine, until the alarm goes off and Susie has to leave the building.

A life of servitude

The servant masters the master

10 November 2011

Oh what a demure little thing you are

The idea of learning the feminine side of life quickly spirals out of control.

09 November 2011

Not the man he was

A strangeness in the home of a scientist as he transforms along with his reality

08 November 2011

The Body of a Weak and Feeble Woman

The prince is horrified as he is changed as one of the spoils of war

07 November 2011

The New Model

He needed a model for his designs, and decided to do it himself, which started his life on a new path

06 November 2011

Oh My Gawd This Is Like Totally Awesome

He was pretty irritating as a man but as a girl . . . she is actually worse

03 November 2011

Taking New Orders

The anguish of the innocent

Heading in a new direction

Revenge can take many forms

Could this possibly get any worse?

A fun idea becomes reality and then escalates in ever more frightening ways

I'll Just Sit Here and Read My Book

Aunt Jane finds me plenty of new family who want to play with the me she creates

Saving Her From Him

Leo knows that Lance is wrong for Angela and becomes Cleo to save her

But honey!

A husband is willing to do anything to keep his wife