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31 December 2007

Bikast starts a new series "Common Hearts"

Bikast has started a new series of movies on YouTube which involves two couples on honeymoon. One pair are blissful, but the other wife seems angry and bitter leaving her husband confused. We soon find out that the two wives have been more than just friends and can already sense where things may be going.

A third video has been added today "Amulets of Permuta" where we see a blackmailing boss switched with his female employee. (26/12/07)

The fourth part "Even Exchange" sees the frustrated wife Diana making use of the amulets to further her lust for Britney. (28/12/07)

The next part "Ironic Injustice" has been available and Diana has swapped bodies with Britney's husband who is in deep trouble. (31/12/07)

30 December 2007

Visit for the best of TG fiction

If you are looking for the best in terms of comics and re captioned images you should look no further than Femur's great site. Not only does Femur create some excellent materiel herself, checkout the developing "The Hot Date" story, she also brings together some wonderful stuff from other creators such as C. Black, Grendle Swank and Fraylim (no insult intended to the others).

This site also has one of the most comprehensive links pages that you could ever wish to find. Not only that, but a forum that allows us to discuss what is produced, and many others to add their own attempts.

27 December 2007

Whatever happened to Dark MsStress?

I only pose this question because it there has not been an update to the excellent comic series since September 2006. There has been some hacking of the site, most particularly the forum, but it is always sad when one of the cornerstones of your web viewing disappears.

There was a newer Yahoo 360 site where I exchanged pleasantries, but this too has gone very quiet. The only clue is that Dark MsStress had taken a great interest in Second Life and may have been sucked into that existence. The trouble is that we all get to take regular updating of our favourite sites for granted.

20 December 2007

Gendertech goes offline

Recently one of my favourite sites, Gendertech, went offline when the webmaster, Bendu Monk, decided he couldn't really keep up with the pressure for new material for the site. He will still be producing graphic transformation stories, but will post them on other sites.

Like many other readers I am as guilty as the next one of getting frustrated when my favourite sites aren't updated as often as I might wish. We only see the material that is posted and on the whole know nothing of the real life pressures that might limit what we see.

Fictionmania massive but limited

Let me say first that Fictionmania is an important resource for fans of transgender (and closely related) stories as it now contains more than 14,500 posted stories. The size of the archive is also one of the curses as it can be rather difficult to find exactly the story that you want. Searching is available, but in a number of strictly defined ways.

The whole site operates using what seems to be rather antiquated software when it seems to me that the range of requirements could probably be better catered for by one of a number of freeware content management systems. Visiting OpenSourceCMS is a good first step to a more efficient site.

17 December 2007

Let's hear it for Icolan and Holly Dunn

Icolan's "Who needs freehand?" site is full of TG rendered comic book material that is great fun to read. They are created using Poser or the free Daz Studio software Icolan has a number of stories on the go at the moment, some of which are free to download and others where you need to pay a small amount to support the site.

At the moment I find his front page story, a single page at a time, to be absolutely brilliant. A youngster uses his father's machine to become a girl and earn money doing babysitting. Unfortunately for him his mother finds out and soon she is out shopping for a dress to wear to the prom.

Although it is Icolan's site, special notice should be taken of the amazing work of Holly Dunn who has put together a number of very good comic book part works. They are all worth a read, but I have a soft spot for the original Virtual World series.

How does Bikast do it?

Having found the amazing work of Bikast on YouTube I have been amazed how he was able to create so many short movies for us to view. Using "The Movies" from Liohead Studies he has so far put 63 videos up onto YouTube, most of which have transgender themes.

Bikast's magnum opus has been "Last, tonight" which reached 24 videos on those sad cases Herbert and Melvin who found love by turning a couple of guys, whose girlfriends they fancied, into girls who they then dated after finding a gun that could cause the transformation.

Thanks to Carmenica Diaz for the brilliant stories

Just wanted to use this post to pay homage to the output of Carmenica Diaz who through Lulu Press and Cafe Boudoir sells some truly wonderful femdom and transgender stories.

I have just finished reading her latest work "Alchemy Discovered", which takes place in the wonderfully created world first revealed in "Royal Alchemy". In this world which has alchemy which allows the transmutation of people into animals (and the opposite gender). The heroine begins life as a young doctor Marty Birch who travels back to a parallel world, but by a quirk of dna and fate, becomes Mary and makes a new life for herself and finds great success and true love that leaves her with no desire to return to her old life.

This is a very well-written story that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in quality transgender literature. Unlike so many stories in this genre this not really a work that will titillate, it has far more depth than that.