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17 December 2007

Thanks to Carmenica Diaz for the brilliant stories

Just wanted to use this post to pay homage to the output of Carmenica Diaz who through Lulu Press and Cafe Boudoir sells some truly wonderful femdom and transgender stories.

I have just finished reading her latest work "Alchemy Discovered", which takes place in the wonderfully created world first revealed in "Royal Alchemy". In this world which has alchemy which allows the transmutation of people into animals (and the opposite gender). The heroine begins life as a young doctor Marty Birch who travels back to a parallel world, but by a quirk of dna and fate, becomes Mary and makes a new life for herself and finds great success and true love that leaves her with no desire to return to her old life.

This is a very well-written story that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in quality transgender literature. Unlike so many stories in this genre this not really a work that will titillate, it has far more depth than that.

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