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17 December 2007

How does Bikast do it?

Having found the amazing work of Bikast on YouTube I have been amazed how he was able to create so many short movies for us to view. Using "The Movies" from Liohead Studies he has so far put 63 videos up onto YouTube, most of which have transgender themes.

Bikast's magnum opus has been "Last, tonight" which reached 24 videos on those sad cases Herbert and Melvin who found love by turning a couple of guys, whose girlfriends they fancied, into girls who they then dated after finding a gun that could cause the transformation.


  1. Hey! I just saw this post and I was like..
    What the..! This mentions me!!! LOL
    Thanks for the shout out. I'm a huge fan of your work as well. If I had to pick, I'd say my current favorite is "Ben's Challenge for Sport Relief"
    Anyhoo Thanks again!!

    1. Thanks. Your output on YouTube was brilliant, where I managed just one

    2. Should also mention that Sport Relief is coming in the UK soon. This Saturday "Let's Dance For Sport Relief" starts and, if previous series are anything to go by there will be plenty of cross-dressing.


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