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17 December 2007

Let's hear it for Icolan and Holly Dunn

Icolan's "Who needs freehand?" site is full of TG rendered comic book material that is great fun to read. They are created using Poser or the free Daz Studio software Icolan has a number of stories on the go at the moment, some of which are free to download and others where you need to pay a small amount to support the site.

At the moment I find his front page story, a single page at a time, to be absolutely brilliant. A youngster uses his father's machine to become a girl and earn money doing babysitting. Unfortunately for him his mother finds out and soon she is out shopping for a dress to wear to the prom.

Although it is Icolan's site, special notice should be taken of the amazing work of Holly Dunn who has put together a number of very good comic book part works. They are all worth a read, but I have a soft spot for the original Virtual World series.

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