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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

29 February 2012

You won't get away with this

Ruthless young businessman ensures his rival isn't going to be a problem, and she isn't happy

The no show

Suddenly it dawned that life as a woman was great, so why would you pay a fortune to change back.

28 February 2012

All to free my sister

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for ShySteffie

Dream Wedding I Could Never Dream Of

What mother doesn't dream of her daughter's wedding day, but when your only child is a son, and he's gay, the dream seems a long way off until . . . now, about that grandchild.

27 February 2012

Serena does it in the jungle

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Sammie

The original post used a picture of one of Sammie's favourite girls which I have replaced for this site as I do not post images of real people.

You'd do that for me

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Candy (oneeyedpirate)

Please Mum, Give Me A Bit Of Warning

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for AnnabelleRaven

Wow, What A Totally Amazing Place

The advert wasn't specific about the sort of superhero Colin would become, but he was very keen.

26 February 2012

I can't believe my sister was so stupid

What can I say, it's a body swap

Beginner's Ballet Lessons

Originally posted in my gallery at Rachel's Haven. I made it when position label changed to Starting Ballet Lessons.

The Stranger Who Came And Stayed

The mysterious lady became much loved around the palace, but few knew anything of who she really was

The Baby Booby Trap

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Nadine

This was a photo cap and the picture has been changed for posting here

25 February 2012

Now for something a little different

As I am sure you have noticed by now, while over at Rachel's Haven, I have been making a few captions with photo images rather than renders. As I do not want to store them here I will instead post them on my Tumblr account Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles, There is a link at the top of this page.

At The Peak Of Passion He Knew

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for sp2000

24 February 2012

Looking After The Girls

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Sci-Fi Kara

Chad Promised Some Fun

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for ChelseaBaker

Anne Goes To Kindergarten

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven when my status changed

You've Got A Friend

Life changes as your neighbour really needs a girl friend

23 February 2012

Bimbosol Spray

Get your new Bimbosol spray , your bimbo in a can

The Stolen Coat

In cold weather it can seem like a no-brainer to pick up someone else's coat to stay warm, but just be careful.

22 February 2012

Seeking Revenge For Her Anime Sisters

For too long men travelled to their realm and took advantage of her and her sisters now Makoto was going to get some payback

Amazingly this is my 100th post of the year. Last year it took me until the start of December to reach that point, so thanks for the encouragement that has seen me feeling a bit creative.

Now Just Relax Tom and Listen To The Soothing Music

Originally posted on Rachel's Haven for Shauna Marie

21 February 2012

Changing Tops

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for WraithStrike

Give Back That Trophy

Rachel's enthusiasm gets the better of her and David's father isn't impressed about his new daughters triumph

20 February 2012

Sister Bella (From the Archive)

Bob is being punished for his infidelity, but i's the sort of punishment that may never end (or be much of a punishment)

If I Take The Bra Off I’ll Be Back To Normal

His wife leaves temptation in his way and, eventually, Ben succumbs.

19 February 2012

Suddenly a large well-muscled man was there

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Rebecca Molay.

Shipwreck (From the Archive)

Not a sight she wanted to see as soon as she was a girl - maybe later!

Go Find Another Sucker

Body swaps don't tend to be my thing, but having seen quite a lot recently I thought I'd try one. It is along the quite well worn path of girl swaps body with boy, but when she wants her body back he doesn't want to know.

18 February 2012

Evie's Back In Business

I really must record the return of Evie to the world of TG caption blogs. After a break when her Google blog was blocked she is back, this time on Tumblr and her new blog can be reached at To celebrate I made a little captioned image.

Even better news is that she got her google blog back, so we can see alll her work again. The Tumblr blog will now be a backup, just in case.

The Divine Guild Of Female Retribution

The guild allowed women who really wanted to be men to live their dream while men who had harmed women would learn about life on the other side of the gender divide.

17 February 2012

The Revelation Of Evil

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Victoria Hyde

16 February 2012

Evie's Recruitment Drive

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Evie (Argus)

She Finally Does it . . . So What Now?

A double POV caption story

15 February 2012

Annabelle and Michelle join the family business

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for AnnabelleRaven.

Amber Stands In

Originally posted at Rachels' Haven for SteffiMarie

Game Not Over

When Tommy ends his online role-playing as Misha he is rather surprised to find that there is some, well quite a lot, of the character still with him.

14 February 2012

Now I'm A Real Doll (From the Archive)

Never screw around when your wife is a witch is an excellent motto to live your life by

Reduced To The Ranks

The general would do anything to avoid having to retire from the army, but this wasn't what he had in mind

13 February 2012

Returning As The Trophy Wife

Marrying his best friend, even though they both start as males. The happy couple drive back from their honeymoon

12 February 2012

Not Another Surprise

Originally posted at Rachels' Haven for Entrancing Kayla. All images posted there will be re-posted here after 14 days.

Switched into fury

Not sure that I like this myself, but feels right to post it. An abusive uncle is swapped with his neice, but I'm not sure the result was justice

11 February 2012

A Gallant Gesture (From the Archive)

I hope you enjoy this comic that is from my 2006 archive and I think was probably my first genuine attempt to create a TG comic.

Click this image to be able to view the 23 pages

10 February 2012

Life as a Surrogate Mother To Be

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven as an entry in the January 2012 Competition on the subject of pregancy and motherhood

You Can't Beat Fresh Air

A work rival attempts to derail our hero's career, but it doesn't prove an obstacle

09 February 2012

A Better Housemate (From the Archive)

The girls felt that their household arrangements needed a little adjustment

Jelly Moulds

An explorer finds some strange gelatinous objects in a cave and isn't quite careful enough examining them

08 February 2012

Going to the Chapel

Be careful when you battle a woman's body clock or she may do something irrational and you could be on the receiving end

07 February 2012

The Making Of Chantelle (From the Archive)

Jack is broken down and given a new name

Now I'm Daddy's Little Girl

When his sister rebels against their father's controlling nature he finds a ready replacement