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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

27 February 2011

Why am I bright pink?

This is the first seven pages of a comic I am working on.

The break comes at an important plot point (I have another 12 pages done so far)

Six more pages now added

19 February 2011

His daughter's escort

A longer comic (24 pages). There is a little naughtiness, but nothing to serious. You can download this comic as a PDF from my 4Shared account.

This isn't how it was meant to be

Sharing the use of the wish stone with Bill had seemed like a good idea, except that his wish actually made it a one-way street.


Robert and Celia have been together for many years and, despite Celia's desires for a family Robert always had work on his mind. Now Celia has had enough and locks Robert in a room with a schoolgirl outfit for him to wear. She tells him he must put it on and appear at the window then she will allow him to take it off. Robert is surprised and frightened as the outfit seems to stick to his skin and he cannot take it off even when given permission.

Whatever magic the clothes present cause Robert's body to remould into that of a schoolgirl in her mid teens. From now on Robert is Celia's daughter Alice and they are a happy little one parent family.

13 February 2011

(Please God) Make Me a Woman

Tony's wish while upset is granted causing him confusion. This is another short comic and it can again be found on my 4Shared account as a PDF.


12 February 2011

Keeping an eye on the beach

Jack had originally returned to the beach in search of a return to his male body. Now Jenny was enjoying the view.

Listen to me carefully Mary

The need to save the find of an exceptional chemist brought about a brain transplant and some deception.

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Allan has been thrown out of the house in just the clothes that he stood up in, and that was a short yellow skirt and a low-cut top.

06 February 2011

Caught by the hired help

Just a short comic that I hope people enjoy. A pdf version can be downloaded from my 4shared account

Don't hassle me man

The leprechaun is rather spaced out and his magic is a bit variable.

Doing the job he loved

Luke enjoyed his job working on the roads so didn't let a little thing like his sex changing stop him.

He's a lady now

Peter is a driven salesman who is infuriated by his wife's behaviour. His anger causes her to leave and a chain of events follows.

02 February 2011

What a wonderful life

Annie really love's the life she now has since she caught the virus that gave her the female body.

If you are a good girl, and are naughty for me, I might reduce your breasts

William is transformed by his wife and made to do things that he never would have.

The Good Companion

I will start the month with a slightly longer offering than normal that comes as too images. Answering an advert is the start of an adventure and a who new life.