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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

Who is Anne Oni Mouse?

Who am I?
Well the name I use here gives a clue as to what a shy and private man (yes really) I am. I will give you that I live alone in the south of England and have reached my half century of years, so I really should know better. I do cross dress a bit within the confines of my own home, just panties all the time. The idea of being a woman full-time is just a fantasy that I would never have the guts to fulfil - besides I am a plump lump who wouldn't look too good. Now, of course, a body swap with a pretty blonde twenty something would be ideal.

Who is Anne Oni Mouse?
Anne is my online female alter ego. I won't insult you by coming up with so far fetched story of where the name came from as it was obviously just something simple I came up with when I wanted to post on TG sites like Fictionmania. I see Anne as a shortish dark-haired girl, with a hint of the orient, who is forever trapped in her mid to late thirties. She is a lot more adventurous than I would ever be.

Where did my interest in TG come from?
I was a pretty late developer and it was only in the 1990s. when I was already thirty that it went beyond an interest when a TG related story came up. It was then that I saw pictures of Caroline Cossey (aka Tula) in the press and read about her fight to be legally recognised as a man. It seemed so farcical that anyone would think she could be a man looking like that, so there was one obvious conclusion.

This was when my interest grew and, as a fairly early adopter of the Internet I found that there were already some great stories around. My earliest memory of being creative in a TG way was being on holiday and whenever I got my chance retreating to my room and scribbling out by hand a story which I think got to about seventy pages long - but no longer exists. At that stage the TG are of the Nifty Archive was my main source for TG fiction.

My first move into captions was, I think, in Yahoo Groups, though my early efforts are no longer around.

What do I create and why?
At that early stage I worked like most others with the images I could find online, it was quite a few years later that I bought a cheap copy of Poser Artist and moved into the rendered image field. I did upgrade a couple of times with Poser 6 and 7, but when DAZ brought out DAZ Studio I found a programme I felt comfortable with.

As someone who in the real world has had some interaction with copyright laws I was always a little nervous of using images I found online. That was why I felt more happy using images I knew the source of. There must be many pretty women who would be a bit miffed if they knew that we were going around suggesting they looked like they could have been a man.

What products do I use?
As I have said DAZ Studio is my image creation software of choice with characters, props, clothes and scenery mostly purchased from DAZ, and Renderosity. I have also ventured to Renderotica for some more erotic buts and pieces.

Xara Designer Pro 7.1 is my current choice for making my captions and is a very powerful graphics programme that I have used in it's many forms on and off for more than twenty years.

For my comic creation I use Comic Life which has proved to be a good choice and I find it does make the process largely painless. My previous choice had annoying habit of making the text not fit the speech bubble when it did on screen.

Why did you write this?
Well, having recently joined Rachel's Haven and filled out the biography form there and also visited Rauk's Caption blog and seen the bio page there, it just felt like the right time.

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