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25 June 2009

Brandy gets used to her new position

This is the story of a woman blackmailed to accept her new life and forget that she was ever a man. If the threat was to kill your child could you really resist?

20 June 2009


It is always a good idea to read the instructions whenever you are trying something new, but we don't always do it with varying results.

The image was created for the comic I am working on, but probably will miss the cut.

16 June 2009

Coming soon - Daddy's Lesson

I am currently working on a comic about a useless father who is taught a lesson by his daughter who is distraught following her mother's death. It will probably be a week or two before it is ready for release. In the meantime I have put together a promo image from some of the images that may or may not be used in the final comic.

25 June 2009: The story took a twist that surprised me and may take a little longer to complete than I was thinking.

13 June 2009

A hero no more?

This is the story of a British Army intelligence officer who is kidnapped by a terrorist organisation and, when he won't cooperate is turned into a sexy woman. She is to be used as a whore by her captors.

Little Miss Santa

OK, this isn't very seasonal, but I quite enjoyed it so I hope you do to. There must be plenty of magic around his workshop, so why shouldn't Santa have a big of (TG) fun? Let's cross our fingers and hope he gets back in time for the big day, or maybe not!

This has been updated with an even hotter version of Miss Santa, which should please the boys - it looks like she will!

Let's go boys

I recently released a short comic story with little plot on the forum. The story involves a young man dressing up in frilly things and ending up more suited to the item.

You can read the four pages by clicking the images below or download it as a PDF. The individual images were created with DAZ Studio and were put together using Comic Book Creator 2.

You can download the file from my free space on 4 shared

12 June 2009

Was Mike maid to serve?

A girlfriend has a bit of fun with her macho boyfriend and realises she may have discovered the sissy within. The trouble is she doesn't really want a sissy boyfriend.

11 June 2009

Hypnotic transformational dating

This is where the hypnotist seems to have more idea than the patient what they desire. Surely he isn't manipulating him to get a date? What do you think?

A man in uniform?

This is an older image that I found and thought was worth giving an airing.

09 June 2009

Mike becomes Millie the sexy maid

Mike doesn't respect his wife's powers as a hypnotist, so she proves herself by turning him into a sexy little maid for her party. Then she can't bring herself to stop his punishment.

08 June 2009

Science experiment goes very right

A simple story of how one man's work becomes his pleasure when his arch enemy stumbles in to become the subject of his experiment.

The two former rivals have a much closer relationship to look forward to.

07 June 2009

Merlin's plan goes badly wrong

This is a longer story, set in Arthurian Britain, that tells of how Merlin's plan for Arthur to find out if the Queen is playing around with Lancelot goes badly awry and the King ends up as a lady (now there's a surprise!).

The King's evil half-sister Morgana takes advantage of the plan's weaknesses to seize power for herself.

06 June 2009

Brian in brain transplant

Someone on the TGComics forum was asking about man to female robot changes. So I thought I'd do something, in this case a brain transplant into an android female body.

When I woke the next morning

The story of when a brave knight fell asleep and found that he had been reassigned to a new role when he woke the next day.

Perfect Irish Beauty

This is my take on that regular theme of a wish gone wrong and I think the leprechaun took a prefect reasonable course of action in fulfilling the wish.

I only wanted man boobs

OK, hands up those guys who are fascinated by breasts - you can all put them down now! Here is a story of where such interest goes further than intended.

04 June 2009

Surgical tourist

Martin Jackson's attempts to lose weight did work,but not quite in the way that he had intended.

03 June 2009

Daddy’s sweet Lil’ Sugar

How often do we hear about the rather un-PC lyrics of modern music, particularly from rap artists. This is an image of what happens when some women decide to take revenge.