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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

31 May 2010

A Duty To Serve

Announcing a new comic/illustrated story concerning a policeman's brief undercover duty and what happened next.

The story can be downloaded from

30 May 2010

Oops, now my son's my daughter

We all should really get round to clearing the clutter we no longer fit into from our wardrobes.

29 May 2010

I can see it in your eyes

The local witch seems to be making a habit of this!

25 May 2010

Miki would do anything for Daddy

Miki is a very dutiful daughter  . . . now

Introducing her ex-husband

An alternative to a divorce?

22 May 2010

Cornered in the garden as a girl

Daddy, you shall go to the ball

A father's attempts to make his daughter go on a date with the son of a colleague go a little awry.

20 May 2010

If only George wasn't so suspicious

George's lack of self belief gets him into a situation

His wife makes sure it is no problem in the future

17 May 2010

Grieving for her lost son

If only she knew how close he was . . .

15 May 2010

Perfectly suited as a woman

One of those times when a little harmless dress up looks like costing a lot

01 May 2010

Thank you for turning me into a woman

Releasing the inner dominatrix