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30 December 2010

The happiest days of my life

A young graduate moves in to share a flat with an older man and two years later he has become his daughter and is enjoying her schooldays.

27 December 2010

In search of a life of leisure

A lazy man moans about his life and gets an offer he really couldn't refuse. She is really pleased that she accepted it and the new life it leads to.

From footballer to fashion victim

A footballer's liking for women's clothing is splashed across the newspapers and that is the catalyst for a transformation.

Oh God! He's going to talk to me

Over protective father finds out why he is right to worry about boys and his daughter

23 December 2010

A new model arrangement

An inconvenient husband is recycled into something more useful to Alicia and Leon.

Santa relaxes after his exertions

We all need a little time to relax after a busy time at work.

Switched and entranced

Magical transformations should only be used with care.

What happened?

A simple tale of man lusts after bunny, then magically man is bunny.

Another bite towards total femininity

The first bite had been a frightening shock, now each one was something to be longed for.

18 December 2010

I can help you to become a woman too

One good turn deserves another is a phrase Tony really doesn't want to hear as Olivia tries to return his favour.

Santa's the Christmas present

Santa makes a dying man's dream come true, at least that was the intention.

Get used to it girly

When the geek tries to ruin some football careers he finds that he has a very different position

and now you are awake Adam

Hypnosis ends the rivalry at work and brings a new relationship in the home.

11 December 2010

Cinders flees the ball

A look at how the other half lives brings a life unimagined.

05 December 2010

Santa gets voted out

A litle something for the festive season. Not really TG, though Santa is a new person.

04 December 2010

Whose bra is this then?

A simple question, asked in jest, leads to a great change for the flatmates.

A good schoolgirl

Kelly walks nervously past members of her old gang on her way to school.

01 December 2010

The form you hide in is now yours forever

When Peter tries to con a powerful Sheikh his world changes forever.