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29 January 2011

Lost in the jungle and saved

When an adventurer is found by a tribe in the jungle he begins a whole knew adventure.

Problem solved

A mother's love for her troublesome son leads her to move his life onto a new path.

22 January 2011

Maid to fill in

When the maid breaks her ankle the chauffeur is asked to stand in for her. What could possibly go wrong?

Visiting my body's grave

When Cathy asks to borrow Anthony's body he is wary, but gives in as he finds it hard to resist her. He was right to worry.

16 January 2011

Looking after his new sister

Life was a lot harder when they went out now that Larry is Carrie

This was inspired by two captions I saw today "Bigger and better" by Samantha deSavory and "Not your wingman anymore" by A Nony Mouse (no relation).
Thanks to all who do their TG captions to amuse and delight the community

15 January 2011

Who is this gorgeous cheerleader?

Caught in tha act! Matt realises his hobby will have to end.

Goodbye Donovan, Hello Jenny

An washed out businessman gets a new life that he feels more comfortable with, though some people are not sure whose idea it is.

09 January 2011

I didn't get my prize, but you will hit the jackpot for me

Sometimes a memory lapse can have unfortunate consequences

Inspired by "Life's a Lottery" by: triumph7775 that I was reading on Fictionmania

08 January 2011

Suited to a different life

Bruno's fondness for silky things is used by a competitor to tempt him to a new life

In the name of art

The perfectionist nature of an artist's determination to get his performance piece right leads him to make changes that go much further than expected.

This one has been hanging around for a while, but I thought I would add it now.

Hair removal taken to extreme

Volunteering for an experiment may give you money, but you really need to ask questions first.

Another POV image as the last one seemed quite popular


Andy plays a joke on his sister who doesn't initially see the funny side

05 January 2011

Robinson Crusoe - the untold story

With apologies to Daniel Defoe, I present a twist on his classic tale of adventure.

03 January 2011

Some day my prince will come

and now for Lady Eleanor there is a real dilemma

Spotting an approaching intrusion

A new POV caption that I hope is enjoyed by others

Flipped to change angle of POV thanks to
suggestion in comment 7 Jan 11

01 January 2011

A visit to the sissy girl farm

Sustainable sissy girl farming in the modern world.

Exchanging more than vows

When Beverley and Gordon hoped for a new life together this wasn't quite what they had in mind

The Rescue of Kaylor the Mighty

...and the life of Princess Kayla