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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

28 November 2009

Hoping to keep his postion

Ian is horrified to find the note hidden in his private place and now complies with the instructions, hoping his secret won't become public.

22 November 2009

With Friends Like These

I have just finished (as far as I am going for now anyway) a comic that comes from my previous captioned image. You can download the PDF from

Brad goes on holiday with three so called friends who are makeup artists and proceed to give him a makeover and a glimpse of a different life that he finds quite attractive.

21 November 2009

Match abandoned, fixtures rearranged

Sports officials are often the butt of anger from the fans. Here a supporter who has travelled a long way gets his own back when the game is called off and rearranges the referees fixtures permanently.

17 November 2009

Former Director Andrew Davies and her new partner

Where security is really important the department will take absolute care that it isn't compromised.

16 November 2009

Leon's troubles come to a head

Leon was not a great husband and had strayed from his marriage vows. This was probably not a wise move when his wife has magical powers.

15 November 2009

This poem sucks

OK, this is a little bit of naughty fun as one thing leads to another.

14 November 2009

The strange case of the borrowed wetsuit

Dave had decided that he really needed to keep up his practice for the triathlon he had entered. The only suiatble piece of open water nearby was a lake that was very cold at the time of year. So it was that he took the fateful decision to borrow a wetsuit.

A few misplaced words

Billy is such a lovely boy, always willing to help, it's just a shame that he does occasionally open his mouth and let out words that would be better left unsaid.

09 November 2009

My father the exotic dancer

How far will a father go to make amends when he almost wrecks his daughters wedding? This is quite a sacrifice.

07 November 2009

Oh dear mistress is dead

Sometimes something bad happens, that you think could be good for you, then you realise it could be really bad.

Magda finds it easy to look shocked

Some instructions are easier to follow than others.

06 November 2009

Prince Albert meets her match

The war is over and love is soon in the air.

05 November 2009

Suddenly Jack finds a bigger problem

What would it take for a man to be distracted from the fact that he is suddenly female? in this case he finds himself naked and being stalked by a big cat.

02 November 2009

Cursed to become lesbian lovers

An angry witch casts a wild curse that changes reality so that everyone becomes the way that they currently appear. At that time Jack and Alice are playing a role reversal game.

01 November 2009

With friends like this

We all know the risk of falling asleep on the beach and finding those with you have thought it jolly fun to do something like burying you in the sand. Well Brad went to the beach with some film make-up artists who were more imaginative than most of us. Now he has to find a way back to his hotel room.