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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

30 April 2012

Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

Just in case any regular visitors here have missed it I thought I would re-advertise my other blog on Tumbr. That is where I post my captions that use photos rather than rendered images.

Currently it has more than one hundred posts this years, with thirty in the queue scheduled to be posted at two per day. I hope people will take a look and tell me what they think.

Quck girls, in here

Another quick Doctor Who caption posted at Rachel's Haven for Emily (and Rachel)

29 April 2012

Evie's Fantasy at Caitlyn's Masks blog

I just wanted to point people towards a wonderful series at Caitlyn's Masks blog.

Evie's fantasy is a lovely series of images, but really comes into it's own with the video version which has a beautiful soundtrack. This link takes you to the post then scroll down until you find the link to the YouTube video.

A sacrifice worth making

Bob knows what he has to do to complete his change, but takes a while to be ready for it

28 April 2012

Misty in the morning

An entry in the Rachel's Haven April 2012 caption competition

My progress at Rachel's Haven

I haven't posted any of my recent progress captions from Rachel's Haven, so here are two more and one little extra.

First, after all of those lessons I gave a piano recital

Then, when I was having a school photo taken naughty Bobby lifted my skirt

- at first I was angry, but I have forgiven him

27 April 2012

If only I could experience it

A boys fascination with Persia is suddenly very real

The saddest day of my life

Karen is consoled by her husband at her brother's funeral

Your new master will be pleased

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Proarchangel

A little unhinged - no a lot

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Sci-fi Kara

26 April 2012

Re-motivating Ron

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Steffimarie

25 April 2012

Emerging into the light

An orphaned boy goes to live with his man-hating aunt after his parents are killed

24 April 2012

Saved - Sort Of!

A rich man tries to cheat death and does - in a way

Still waters getting rougher and deeper

The accident transformed him, now there was a decision to be made that could transform her life.

23 April 2012

Doctor, who?

Just a little silly that came to me this morning and I had to make it.

A dawning realisation

His sister turned him into Dawn, and now he's blown his chance of a return

22 April 2012

Tales of the little people

Originally published at Rachel's Haven for Jaime's world

Beating that sinking feeling

Susie has been cheated out of a fortune, but she likes to stay positive

21 April 2012

Dancing for the devils

Originally posted at Rachel's haven for shietka

Making a big entrance

As Ben turned into Betty he hid, now she was going to make a big entrance back into public life

20 April 2012

The Writer's block

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Evie

I fall to pieces

My attempt to become Frank's perfect women end in disappointment

19 April 2012

Helping the helpline

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Habby Thomas

Rejoice! She lives

Things have gone very weird for Arnold

The Witches of Redemption

Until he mistreated his girlfriend Gary had thought tales of The Witches were just fairy tales.

17 April 2012

The new bunny in the club

Maurice shows his PC side and ends up back in the club as a bunny

04 April 2012

Becoming Angie - a pragmatic decision

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Angie

03 April 2012

By heck, I'm a lass

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Little Miss Susy

Made my first 'cootie catcher'

Another progress cation from Rachel's Haven

01 April 2012

Never volunteer for anything

Originally posted at Rachel's Haven for Fehrin/Christy