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26 June 2010

Can you see what you're gonna be yet?

When he is caught Bruno is made to disappear completely

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24 June 2010

Wait, you're better off as a girl

It has been a very good arrangement for them both. Perhaps Don will agree to keep it going.

23 June 2010

A lesson in good manners

A wealthy businessman gets a turn on the other side of life.

20 June 2010

Lady Lucy strolls in forlorn hope

 Victorian lady strolls on the estate for the last time before her wedding.

18 June 2010

Well, hello Officer Carson don’t you look wonderful

Sometimes you can try to be too clever and it turns out that your were being really dumb

16 June 2010

Three little maids these men will be

Three agents are to be recycled and sold on

15 June 2010

A man's got to do . . .

Could be tricked if you do or tricked if you don't

12 June 2010

Not so brave now

Once he was a vicious stalker, now she is the possible prey!

On a road trip

Sometimes getting away from your known world is the best way to get used to a change of circumstances.

09 June 2010

Damn you and that damn medallion

The way these things are going it will be hard to trust anyone again!

A switch of position

The morale is never rely on a ruthless man to help you as they will normally help themselves.

05 June 2010

How disappointing you are Maria

The new girl is being disobedient and her owner is getting very perplexed by her attitude.

Be careful when bending over in a short skirt

Suddenly becoming a woman has its problems, this incident points out where not thinking about the new you can endanger others.