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28 September 2010

A woman out of time

This story started out as the text, which I typed out and I then made the illustration to fit in. This is the complete reverse of how I normally go about things.

Professor Howard Morris was horrified when he emerged from his new time machine and could smell the stench of burning and smoke was billowing from it. He anxiously tried to see what was wrong, but there was a flash and the machine disappeared.

Howard immediately realised what had happened, the damaged machine had invoked the recall protocol that returned it to his laboratory for repair. He had intended that to only happen when he was in it, but could not remember actually adding that check.

Despite being a highly practical man Morris was by now beginning to panic as he was trapped more than one hundred years before he was born and without any access to technology to get himself out of here. It was only now that he noticed his attire, which was extremely attractive and very pretty for he was now a she.

The machine always would select a suitable disguise to create and as luck would have it this was the first time it had made him female. He had decided to investigate the tales of Jack the Ripper and now he was a woman on a dark London street.

Suddenly the worry about the time machine was gone and instead a real fear overcame the newly vulnerable woman as she thought she saw a man lurking in the shadows and hurried along to find some company for protection.

26 September 2010

Dancing girl

That was the biggest mistake Mark made and it cost him his life!

He had been having an affair with a beautiful Spanish dancer and his long term girlfriend, Annie, found out. This is bad in the normal run of things, but she was a witch and determined that he would pay dearly. She did no let Mark know of her discovery and planned her revenge over several weeks.

One day when Mark was having a shower he noticed that his shower gel was stinging a bit, but thought little of it. Over night, while he slept, the gel worked its magic.

When Mark woke up he could see nothing and couldn’t move. Then the duvet was pulled back and a towering Annie bent down and lifted Mark’s tiny and solid figure. She then took him and dressed him in a flamenco dancers dress and shoes. He could do nothing except accept everything.

Annie then postioned him in a dancing pose on a pink base, placing his feet on a blob of glue. Finally she slid a glass cylinder topped with a pink disc on top to keep him free of dust.

He was well and truly done, his life was gone and he could do nothing.

Annie kept Mark on her dressing table where he could see her making love to the many lovers that she had over the years.

Bruce becomes a corset model

For several years now Bruce has had a fetish, he loved to wear a corset. The whole idea of constricting his body has gradually become an obsession and he was really beginning to worry about it disrupting his life.

So it was that Bruce determined to beat his obsession and went to a psychiatrist in an attempt to break free. Dr Petersen listened as Bruce described his problem to him. They chatted for a while and, at the end of the session, as they arranged Bruce’s next appointment, the doctor asked him to bring a corset next time. It seemed a reasonable enough suggestion, as Bruce complied quite willingly even though no one else had seen him corseted. Bruce left with a pack of tranquillisers, that the doctor hoped would allow him to relax a bit.

Beguiled into a handmaiden

Professor Magnus Schlapp has been exploring in the jungles of South America when he came upon this temple inhabited by a group of gorgeous women. The apparent leader took him into the temple and gestured for him to kneel before her.

There was something about this lovely creature that made him want to do whatever she told him to, even though she spoke a language that even he had never come across before. The more she spoke in her sweet soft voice the more beguiled by her and enslaved to he he was.

Magnus could not know that she had plans for him that would involve him becoming her new handmaiden. He could never have understood the magic in the words she spoke, for they went to the very depth of his soul and transformed it in preparing for his body taking on its new form.

In his current state Magnus would never have objected to anything his new mistress requested. Now Mestrina knew of the role she was to have and glorified in every word she heard. Then she felt the physical changes and marvelled in them.

25 September 2010

New High Priestess

Philan awoke from the enforced sleep to find the transformation was complete and that she was now faced with the final test.

This was not a role that the Prince had prepared for as, until the death of his father the King and older brother Crown Prince Mythran, he was destined for no great role. Now his older sister, who would have been the new High Priestess, had to take the role Mythran was trained for as the King. The rules of succession were unbreakable, and the regalia of office ensured that the wearer was fitted for their role.

So it was that Philan, with the Priestess Medallion around his neck was placed into the Chamber of Elevation to take his new role.

As the new High Priestess awoke her mind was filled with the combined thoughts and powers of all who preceded her. Serberthorn was there and, if he accepted his new mistress, she would take her place within the court. If the snake bit her then Filan would die, if not he would be Cassindra for the rest of her life. 


Mordran shrieked in terror, like the girl he now was, as he could only watch as the ogre Guthrie approached  his gift.

When Mordran had been taken in battle he had feared a brutal death or many years as a prisoner. When offered the chance of confronting the ogre to win his freedom Mordan had eagerly accepted as he was not an unskilled warrior.

He thought little as he was chained for his captors explained that it was part of the ceremonial preparation, Sweet oils were rubbed into his skin, a rather pleasurable experience, which made him relax and feel drowsy. Even while standing chained the warrior fell into a deep sleep.

It was only when he awoke in a newly feminine form that he realised the treachery of his captors. He, or now she, was not to meet the ogre in combat, but as a sacrifice to do with as he wished.

As Guthrie lurched towards his prize Mordran issued a silent prayer for a swift death. It was not to be as the ogre took his prize in a way only a man can take a woman.

18 September 2010

Captain's Final Log

This is Captain Tobius Sandrine’s final log entry.

I have transported the rest of the crew from the USS Challenger to safety, but the transporter is now malfunctioning as the ship of drawn towards the black hole.

As I face up to my certain death I am at peace with who I am and my body is now as it should have been. When I was a young girl I always wished to be a Star Fleet officer, but soon saw that women found it hard to reach senior positions. It was then that I underwent an experimental genetic transformation that made me a man allowing my dreams to come true.

As I face my death, staring out into space, I realised that I should face it as myself. I therefore went to the medical bay and, inserting a sample from my original DNA into the emergency repair unit, am now Tabatha again.

Please tell First Officer Stark that I love him.

11 September 2010

Surely that can't be Bob

A private detective is confused and then realises that there is an explanation for what he has been seeing.

You will accompany me

Sometimes it is just best to agree with your girlfriend or she might have a way to make you come into line.