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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

25 September 2010

New High Priestess

Philan awoke from the enforced sleep to find the transformation was complete and that she was now faced with the final test.

This was not a role that the Prince had prepared for as, until the death of his father the King and older brother Crown Prince Mythran, he was destined for no great role. Now his older sister, who would have been the new High Priestess, had to take the role Mythran was trained for as the King. The rules of succession were unbreakable, and the regalia of office ensured that the wearer was fitted for their role.

So it was that Philan, with the Priestess Medallion around his neck was placed into the Chamber of Elevation to take his new role.

As the new High Priestess awoke her mind was filled with the combined thoughts and powers of all who preceded her. Serberthorn was there and, if he accepted his new mistress, she would take her place within the court. If the snake bit her then Filan would die, if not he would be Cassindra for the rest of her life. 

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