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26 September 2010

Bruce becomes a corset model

For several years now Bruce has had a fetish, he loved to wear a corset. The whole idea of constricting his body has gradually become an obsession and he was really beginning to worry about it disrupting his life.

So it was that Bruce determined to beat his obsession and went to a psychiatrist in an attempt to break free. Dr Petersen listened as Bruce described his problem to him. They chatted for a while and, at the end of the session, as they arranged Bruce’s next appointment, the doctor asked him to bring a corset next time. It seemed a reasonable enough suggestion, as Bruce complied quite willingly even though no one else had seen him corseted. Bruce left with a pack of tranquillisers, that the doctor hoped would allow him to relax a bit.

That next visit Bruce put on his corset and then the doctor began a series of hypnosis sessions. Dr Petersen dug deep and, after the session, told Bruce that he had an idea for treatment. The doctor explained that he felt Bruce’s problem was not the corset, which was a harmless fetish. What Bruce needed was to feel happy with who he was and not worry about other people. Bruce was happy and left with a new appointment and another pack of tranquillisers.

So began the transformation of Bruce. He had always been very introverted and it was this that Dr Petersen was working on. Gradually, over many sessions, progress was being made and Bruce began to arrive for his appointment in bright red and yellow clothes, rather than the drab greys and blues he always wore before. Dr Petersen explained that if he became used to standing out, and was confident, it would make his life so much more happy. Bruce certainly felt better, though he still felt the corset issue needed addressing.

Greg, as Bruce now called the doctor, agreed and asked Bruce what would he wanted to achieve. Thinking about it, as he often did, Bruce said he really wanted to be able to put on his corsets and not feel weird. He wanted to feel like it was perfectly natural and that he shouldn’t worry what other people thought. The doctor was impressed and told Bruce his next step should be to have his hair dyed a colour to match his more flamboyant dress sense. So it was that Bruce’s mousey mop took on gold and rose tones that certainly stood out from the crowd.

The hair took Bruce’s mind off the corset, as he imagined anyone looking at him was staring at his stunning hair. This gave him more confidence to wear the undergarment all of the time, which had a real effect  on his figure. Bruce had been on a special diet to lose a few pounds and it seemed to be working as his waist slimmed markedly allowing him to tighten the corset  and give him a real curvy shape that he loved to show off.

It was about this time that one of Bruce’s neighbours asked if he was becoming a woman. He laughed and said he was just losing weight, though the giggle in response made him nervous. That was when Bruce took a real look at his naked form and was stunned to see real breasts and curves without him wearing a corset.

Rushing to see his doctor, Bruce sat in the waiting room wearing a loose fitting coat to cover what he was to show Greg. At last he was able to get in and, letting the coat slide to the floor to reveal his comely assets he asked the doctor what had happened.

At first Greg looked a little disconcerted, but quickly recovered and began talking soothingly to Bruce who found his anger calmed as he was persuaded that there was nothing wrong, this was what he had always wanted. Of course it was, Greg was just giving him a body more suited to corsets.

How silly had Bruce been? He had wanted a body that could where corsets, and now Greg had given him just that. Much to his surprise, Bruce flung his arms around Greg and, saying “thank you, thank you, thank you”, kised him deeply.

Bruce soon realise he couldn’t be called Bruce looking like this, so she took the name of Brandy Butter and, after completing the transition, began the new career she loved as an underwear model specialising in corsets.

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