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WARNING: 18+ only. This site contains sexually explicit material and transgender themes which some may find offensive.

The satisfaction from doing this is knowing others enjoy them. Please comment or at least click on a rating to give me a sign that there is life out there.

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This page is here just in case you want to ask a question or make a recommendation, or just post a general comment about the site.

I am always interested in new transgender caption sites that might be added to my list to show updates. Please don't expect me to put everything on, but if you think something is good I am interested. For a more complete list head to World of TG


  1. OK folks, a simple open question, what do you want to see on this site? Anything you would change? Although it's my site it's no use without you.

  2. hi anne, what happen to comics, plz post more comics in your way........

    1. I haven't been using DAZ Studio (which used to make the comics) very much for a long time. recently I have started to revisit it, so comics might be possible again.

      I have been getting the instant gratifcation of making captions for people.

      Sorry, I thought I replied to this a while ago.


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