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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

29 August 2011

The Temp

The latest reality TV show is about to air.

26 August 2011

In Charge Now

Alex suffers a loss and extracts considerable revenge.

25 August 2011

Falling For Him

A careless, and improbably accurate, remark meant that George was now Chloe and dancing in Robert's arms.

22 August 2011

Nothing To Wear

When Sam's wife dresses him up he feels that frustration of so many women that however many clothes he has he still has "nothing to wear".

21 August 2011

The Life Changing Tackle

When Joey Banton wakes up he finds that the life he had has gone forever.

06 August 2011

Man is Mannequin

 It was Bruce's dream to be a mannequin in his wife's shop window, but it would soon be his nightmare.

The 17 page comic can be read here or downloaded as
 a pdf from my 4shared account.