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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

06 August 2011

Man is Mannequin

 It was Bruce's dream to be a mannequin in his wife's shop window, but it would soon be his nightmare.

The 17 page comic can be read here or downloaded as
 a pdf from my 4shared account.


  1. Oh well, not a great reception, but this was an idea I quite enjoyed creating with the world moving around an immobilised central character.

  2. Very dark... she should have made him suffer more cruelly.

  3. Cant believe the bad reception this one got. I for one love it! Its great to see a manaquin TF with an interesting, new angle.

    Out of step with popular opinion here, but really well done.

  4. I think one can worry too much about the reception. In the end these things are done by me, for me. Just a bit of fun to let others in on my little secret.


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