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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

26 April 2010

Medical examination results

Peter doesn't get the results from the medical examination that he was hoping for.

Nice guy to naughty girl

Sometimes when you push someone too hard you might get a different response from the one you expected.

24 April 2010

Errant star gets a new role

A new soap star lets his fame go to his head and uses it to take adventage of the women who are his fans. The father of one of those women chooses to take revenge.

Born our of the flames

When two friends on a trekking expedition stumble over a trap it leads to amazing events

(Though not so surprising around here!)

16 April 2010

Punished as a reward

It is advisable to know who you are telling tales to.

Ready for her first client

Don't people take notice of all of the warning stories that are on the Internet?

Obviously not!

Lothar is the new queen

Rules are rules and Lothar submits to doing his duty and becoming the new Queen.

Yes, they really are yours

Waking up, a man finds that his wife has been busy and he is in trouble.