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31 January 2012

Swapped Into A New Life

Alien inter-dimensional experiments put Jerome into a position he never expected

30 January 2012

Be Very Quiet (From the archive)

OK another one from the archive

Completely Over The Top

Tricked into a sexy maid outfit, it seems that all I face is humiliation at the party, but things turn out a bit better.

29 January 2012

Tears Before Bedtime

A transgender girl has her dream party ruined and returns home in floods of tears

28 January 2012

New blog for my images

I have started a new blog where I intend to add a lot of my images in their uncaptioned forms (though with my details added). This is so that others can see if they can come up with uses for them.

With the increasingly heavy hand of copyright enforcement - SOPA et al - I thought some images created by me and freely available could be hopeful. I don't claim any artistic merit for them, just that they might work for some of you.

Visit Anne Oni Mouse - the images to see what is available.

The Making Of Anne Oni Mouse

I thought I would add the illustrated short story I put together in 2006 that tells the story of my becoming Anne Oni Mouse. The text is below or you can get the full 7 page illustrated story as a PDF from my 4Shared account.

The Making of
Anne Oni Mouse

The very short story of my transformation from pervert to womanhood.

© 2006 Anne Oni Mouse

Playing The Long Game

A group of scammers set their sights on the celebrity client list of a beauty empire and Brian has to become Daisy to put their plan into operation.

(34 page comic - download the PDF version from my 4Shared account)

Or just view the pages here

27 January 2012

You Must Heed My Warning

Another story from an Arabian palace

26 January 2012

You Bitch! How Could You Do This To Me

Terry discovers the strength of his wife's magical powers when he forgets her birthday

25 January 2012

A Break From The Norm

Another of my 2006 tales gets a facelift. The Norman who goes on holiday is a very different person from the one who returns.

Screwed Up Wishes

Giving in to his wife's desires results in a wish that brings a totally new role in the family

24 January 2012

100 followers, so let's have a few more dream girls

Thanks to you all for coming here and making this feel worthwhile. To celebrate I will post up some new Dream Girl captions that I made after posting the ones from the archive.

Hope you enjoy them

The Master Of The Queen

Well, it could happen! Though I admit it is quite unlikely

23 January 2012

Oh My Lord, Keep That Man Away From Me

An idle wish has difficult results for our hero-ine

22 January 2012

Spelled Lingerie

Another from my archive, and six years later I still haven't found where the underwear came from.

The Cup That Cheers

Unfortunately I am yet to track down this brand of tea, but if I do I will certainly let you know where you can get it (after making sure I have a years supply)

The Girl Who Never Grew Up

When he wants to leave his mother has other ideas and won't let her grow up

21 January 2012

But Baby!

Another one from my archive

Getting Back To Work

I hope you enjoy this 30 page comic that I finished at the start of January. I enjoyed making it in a couple of days as I contemplated the end of my holiday. (It is also available as a PDF from my 4Shared account)

20 January 2012

The State Is Always Right

Sometimes it can be difficult to correct errors in official records

I'm A Fair Cop Now

An undercover cop is caught and turned

19 January 2012

This Could Happen To You

A minor op to correct hearing has a more profound effect than could be imagined

18 January 2012

Please Come And Play With Me

A young girl is given a new toy to help her find someone to play with

17 January 2012

A Trip To The Salon

A trip to have his hair cut turns into a dramatically different experience that could change his life

The House Chose Who I Should Be

Moving to a new house has surprising effects

16 January 2012

Ricky Is A Sex Bomb

Another from my archive

Good Friends Have A Nice Walk

A couple of guys have difficulty dating, but find their own solution

15 January 2012

Dream Girl series

 A set of captioned images that I (mostly) created in 2006, but have made new images for. Boys grow up with an unusual dream job fixed in their minds

The Making Of Miss Annette Tugwell

It's the old story, boy inherits fortune, except evil stepmother has other ideas, boy gets sent to girls school -  but I'll let you read the rest

14 January 2012

A Life Turned Upside Down In A Moment

It's a simple short story in 10 pages - boy becomes copy of sister for date using medallion and oops. (Also available as a PDF from my 4Shared account)

13 January 2012

Life Sucks And I'm Training To

And back to the tried and tested spy gets turned theme

12 January 2012

You Will Do As I Say

A brute of a boss is taught a lesson by the company nurse who stands up to him and helps him find another way to do business.

11 January 2012

I Don't Believe I am Stuck Pregnant

A little bodyswap doesn't go quite as planned, but one partner makes the most of it

10 January 2012

How The Other Half Live

Some racial inspired abuse gives a chance for redemption

09 January 2012

How Often Does A Heavy Night End Like This?

A warning what can happen when you are too drunk to get home and fall asleep in an alley

Please pay heed or this might happen to you

08 January 2012

Bouncing On My Master's Tool

When you give yourself completely to your master you have to accept where it goes

Maybe I Was A Bit Greedy

It might be said to have been a hasty decision, taking the highly paid job without looking at the whole package

07 January 2012

Oh Dear, You Really Have Let Yourself Go

A daughter plays the long game, and her father isn't playing very well

I've had a good day today, six new captioned stories put together, so I thought I'd let one of my older ones make an unscheduled appearance.

Stumbling In The Fog

A short trip into a new life for an explorer (A short comic which will also be available as a PDF in my 4Shared account and also a slightly updated flash animation)