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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

29 September 2009

Nicola waits for her sweetheart

For Nicola ignorance is bliss, but should it be?

27 September 2009

Brad reaches Hell

A simple caption where a vicious sex killer finds he is in Hell in the form of his victim and facing a horde of the excited denisons of that place.

... and his personal Hell just kept getting worse

19 September 2009

Mickey stands up

Continuing on from Mickey stumbles into a new world this comic page is his response to his girlfriends gift of femininity.

Shelley's works hard at her job

Shelley works hard in her role in the nighclub, but she isn't sure how Aldo turned her into a girl and has no idea why. She has learned her special skill and makes sure that her clients appreciate it.

08 September 2009

Gender warrior on the run ... and other stories

Thought I'd put up this one that I actually created almost three years ago. A soldier has volunteered for special duties, but goes on the run when he is feminized and put in pretty pink lingerie.

This is another old one I always rather liked based on the trusty stag night bad bad theme - always more realistic on an occasion where most are drunk.

. . . and finally

Well what would you do if you were a macho man and found youself a girl and in danger of losing her mind - RUN!

06 September 2009

Brad's flu bugs him

Just a quick captioned image on that well-trodden path of the sex-change following a flu-like illness. The difference this time is that, while Brad's body goes to the female side his head goes rampaging off in a masculine direction.