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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

24 May 2012

Not so masterful now

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Dianed. Jordan seemed to be able to control any woman he wanted to, until he met Anne

22 May 2012

The sensational Arden sisters

Louise and Josie are the sisters who dominate the gossip columns

20 May 2012

A gift with love

Finding the trunk of clothes it seemed the right thing to do, except the trunk wasn't his

17 May 2012

The extremely odd couple

Kidnapped and changed to take a whole  new role in neighbour Tom's life

15 May 2012

Help is at hand

Since his father died Alice has been brought up as a girl.

14 May 2012

Michael - Louise (From the Archive]

Haven't made much this week, so thought I'd dip back into my archive

12 May 2012

Portrait of an ancestor

There is something about the portrait that hangs in the hall

10 May 2012

The New Womanufacturing Process

With women now ruling the world a humane means of removing the last males was sought and the answer was womanufacturing.

08 May 2012

She's not you

A malfunction in the genetic revitaliser leaves you stuck in space in a new gender and other problems.

07 May 2012

Crying in the chapel

Made as part of an Elvis song title inspired series of captions (mostly on my Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles photo blog)

06 May 2012

Falling for a True-Mann

When I went into the magic shop and met Arthur True-Mann it was to change my life.

05 May 2012

For God's sake read it now

King Aramord is struck down on the brink of final victory and sets out on a desperate dash to save his manhood.

04 May 2012

Pretty as a sissy

This is a two panel story posted at Rachel's Haven for LittleSissy. It was a story that got longer than I intended, which is why it ended up on two panels with more than 7,000 characters of text.

03 May 2012

The kiss

He wakes just as a face, his face, closes in for a kiss.

02 May 2012

A place on the circuit

In recognition of the World Snooker Championships currently running. A young player has his career cut short had to changes his career path.

01 May 2012

The tension eased

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Hosscienda