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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

31 July 2009

Body of a dancer

Just a very quick little caption along that well worn line of what happens when you are not careful when granted a wish by a mischievous genie.

The hair and clothes are from the Daz Dollar Daze sale that has started recently. They are offering lots of their older stuff at really good prices, which are great for giving Victoria and Michael a big lift.

25 July 2009

You changed me

I thought that now I'd write in verse
though you may feel it's quite a curse.
The lines I've done they are in rhyme,
I may have got it done this time.

(As inspired by Poetry Please on BBC Radio 4)

Murray fails to escape

This is a quickie that shows that it can sometimes be hard to see what hardship is the greater torture. Murray finds his escape gives many difficulties and he has much less to think about when he is back in his cage.

14 July 2009


Just watched a programme on the use of torture - enhanced interrogation techniques - under the Bush regime and thought of this, which is a kind of variation on the normal TG techniques.

12 July 2009

George is the pretty girl now

Beware if your sister is always treated as a delicate flower by your parents. She might decide she has had enough and it is your turn to be girly. Now it's George's turn to go out dancing with HER boyfriend.

The SAS Man

When undercover there can often be no one to know that you are missing. When Alistair is hurt in an explosion he disappears.

This is one that might offend the anti-identity death band.

05 July 2009

Mr Stevens moves to admin

When the CEO is surplus to requirements he is reassigned to a new role within the business.

Danny's Xmas Card

This was going to be a great way to share his current passion for pretty things with his friends and family. Danny was going to let them see him as they never had before in his personal Christmas card.