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30 August 2009

The Birthday Present

This is a longer version of story that I posted as a captioned image at the start of the month. It is now expanded into a short (18 pages) comic. (Updated 31 Aug to correct text problems)

You can download it from 4Shared

Mike's wife buys him a week at a special place where he can play out his sexual fantasies as a woman. What she doesn't tell him is that it is going to be a more permanent arrangement.

The images in this comic were rendered using DAZ Studio 2.3 and were brought together using Comic Book Creator 2.

Mikey stumbles into a new world

Mikey walks down the stairs at his girlfriend's home and finds that his sense of balance is a bit off. It might have something to do with the fact that she has feminized his body.

An image rendered in DAZ Studio 2.3 and manipulated in Xara Xtreme Pro 5.

29 August 2009

Show me your tits

Thought I would also let "Show me your tits" out. This is a short comic I mentioned earlier, in my TG Comics Forum announcement thread, where a body builder gets developments he really didn't want.

It can be downloaded from 4Shared

This comic was rendered with Daz Studio 2.3 and put together in Xara Xtreme Pro 5.

Introducing Andrea Sweet

OK, my latest comic is now available to download from 4Shared.

The story is of Professor Albert Strange who is betrayed by his research partner and ends up as Andrea Sweet, the property of a gangster.

This comic was rendered using Daz 2.3 and put together using Comic Creator 2.

Finishing is the hard bit

I keep getting these ideas for comics/stories and rush of to create them. The problem is that I invariably find that the simple little tale I envisaged pulls me off in new directions as I created it and I am faced with new angst as to how to finish with it and throw it out to be viewed by the masses (living in hope!).

It is my own fault for not being good at planning everything in advance. Instead I get the germ of an idea, work it over in my head and start work putting it into practice. So I rush at it, seem to be getting to a logical end point of something short, then my mind says that it would be more fun if ... and off I go at a tangent.

23 August 2009

Mandy's new model life

Not sure if this counts as identity theft as the victim was dead.

Mandy is the new remotely controlled supermodel made from a body donated to medical science. How much more convenient to have a cheap model who will do what is asked without question - and much cheaper too!

17 August 2009

Jack's red light experiences

Red light spells danger for Jack as his wife makes him become Shelley and give blow jobs as a punishment.

12 August 2009

Stripped of Respect

This is a one page comic that could well be the first of a series. Plain clothes cop Nicky is told that he has to go undercover as a transvestite exotic dancer/stripper in a club. He hates the idea, but his boss will not be moved and Candy Kupp makes her debut on the podium.

Hope you like the final image.

10 August 2009

Daddy's lesson

OK, it's here as promised as few weeks ago. It isn't totally satisfactory, but sometimes you reach a stage where you just have to decide it is as finished as ever will be.

Daddy's lesson is the transformation of a not very good father into a girl by his slightly deranged daughter.

You can download the PDF or a zipped directory containing the images from my 4shared area.

08 August 2009

How much longer?

This is another short one where the changes are quite early, and at a stage where the panic begins to set in.

I just brought the David figure from the current Daz sale to give me an extra male alternative figure, and then proceeded to try and make him more feminine.

07 August 2009

Early release scheme

One of those brief tales where society is trying to find a way of rehabilitating sex offenders.

01 August 2009

This fantasy holiday is real

Mike's wife gives him a birthday treat and gives him a chance to play with his bisexual desires, with a twist.