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21 December 2009

Santa grants a Christmas wish

William was not a happy man. His beloved girlfriend Susan had been killed in a car crash earlier that year and now he faced a lonely Christmas. To feel nearer to Susan he was wearing one of her pretty nightdresses and as he knelt he made a silent wish that Susan could come back for Christmas.

Santa Claus was on his big run and as he passed by he received William's wish and, knowing that he had been a good boy all year, he granted the wish.

In the morning Susan woke up where William had been. She was alive and felt wonderful, and was going to have a wonderful Christmas. What she really wanted was a happier New Year as she was only now getting over the death of her boyfriend William.

19 December 2009

Santa get's what he didn't wish for

Santa has had his usual tiring Christmas and takes to his bed on return. Unfortunately a disgruntled elf ensures that his life is never the same again.

Find out what naughty Cadwallah did to Santa when you read the illustrated story from my area on 4Shared. It is a short story and leaves many questions still to be answered.

A very happy Christmas for us, but will it be for Santa.

06 December 2009

Billy Balls is back on stage

Sometimes the lure of fame and fortune can make you do outrageous things in order to get back to the top.