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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

31 October 2009

Is James maid for fun?

James was enjoying his time in the bodysuit and maid outfit, as he often did when he got the chance. Then he felt a hand on his rear and had to make a quick decision what to do next.

Mark's shyness is cured

How far would you go to get over your shyness? For Mark it was a real problem that it seems his therapist was well able to cure, and he was also able to give mark a whole new life as well.

27 October 2009

Gwen's macho boyfriend

Sometimes relationships can get a bit complicated. Here Gwen is shocked by her boyfriend Peter's appearance in a pretty waitress costume. This has come while she is still trying to find the right moment to tell him that she hasn't always been like she is now.

18 October 2009

Barry finds a new career

Becoming a girl was the furthest thing on his mind when Barry visited the plastic surgeon who he wanted to give him his perfect body, having gone as far as exercise could take him.

Matt finds he's a natural cheerleader

In these enlightened days we are all encouraged to break down the barriers that have barred people based only on their gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. So it was that Matt, hoping to see the hottest girls in skimpy outfits - or less - applied to join the newly formed cheerleading squad. Little did he know how well she'd fit in!

Apparently cheerleading is being promoted in UK schools as one of a range of non-competitive sports.

10 October 2009

A date with the sculptress

Ok, this is short, but I did enjoy rattling it off, so I hope someone enjoys it.

Gerry thinks his date with Vanessa, a hot blonde sculptress, is going very well, but it takes a turn that he really wasn't expecting.

03 October 2009

Christina sits and plots

So what would you do if you started getting flashbacks of a time when you were not the sex you are now? Christina has decided to take her time deciding how she will "reward" Michael for her transformation.