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28 March 2010

I am still working on comics

Just in case people were wondering, I am still working on one or two comics. I have now switched to using Comic Life which seems pretty good, particularly on the speech bubble formatting side.

My most advanced current problem fleshes out Pissed off spirit, which was previewed in my post on 12 March.

27 March 2010

Is she the perfect housewife?

The new technique for controlling the anti-social does require carefull monitoring in the community.

New stock at the general store

In this small town the general store has some great new merchandise on display, though there are doubts about their source.

Then the game became real

We all can get immersed in a game, some more deeply than others, but for Barry it took on a whole new reality.

25 March 2010

Cardboard Cartoon Cutout

When his girlfriend found his stash of sexy comics Will found himself getting hard.

23 March 2010

The What If Bands

When Steve is less than enthusiastic about Sandra's desires to have a child she finds a solution that is a little unusual.

20 March 2010

All dolled up for his daughter

When a man summons up the courage to tell his wife that he is leaving her he is surprised by her calmness, but soon finds out that she has an excellent way of ensuring that he never leaves their daughter.

19 March 2010

Ben's challenge for Sport Relief

Currently on TV in the UK is the Sport Relief telethon where many people do challenges to raise funds for charity. Here Ben's good intentions seem to have been taken advantage of.

If anyone enjoyed this then please make a donation to Sport Relief

17 March 2010

Back to his past

Aunt Valda has taken a violent thug of of a nephew and turned him into a delightfully sweet girl, bur now Valda is gone and Kelly has to think for herself.

13 March 2010

Hell is the place for real punishment

If criminals knew that real punishment waited for them beyond the grave they might mend their ways.

This is crazy, but wonderful

The husband is a cross-dresser, the wife is having an affair that she is tiring off and finds a solution that could solve both problems.

12 March 2010

Pissed off spirit

With apolgies to the classic film Blithe Spirit that sort of gave me the idea.

This is one of the pictures from a comic I am playing about with at the moment.

06 March 2010

Captive changes

In the future the public appetite for more appropriate punishment of crimes brings one rapist to a big decision.

05 March 2010

My body, my life, my husband!

One final image in the tale of a wife's oh so bitter revenge on her cheating husband. Here we find out where she put his genitals.


A magical bodyswap and a race against time to stop it becoming permanent.

04 March 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

Daz had this pretty little dress going cheap and it would have been rude not to use it.