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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

28 January 2012

Playing The Long Game

A group of scammers set their sights on the celebrity client list of a beauty empire and Brian has to become Daisy to put their plan into operation.

(34 page comic - download the PDF version from my 4Shared account)

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  1. loved it hun, great story. will there be a part two, love to see how she and claus do on there next date. giggle

  2. I wasn't planning another part, I found that a natural ending, but I could possibly come up with something short for you.

  3. Good story. Wouldn't tmind if you did a part 2.

  4. I wouldn't have minded doing another part, but now my PC with the contents of hard discs have crashed, it would be too much like hard work I'm afraid.


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