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28 January 2012

The Making Of Anne Oni Mouse

I thought I would add the illustrated short story I put together in 2006 that tells the story of my becoming Anne Oni Mouse. The text is below or you can get the full 7 page illustrated story as a PDF from my 4Shared account.

The Making of
Anne Oni Mouse

The very short story of my transformation from pervert to womanhood.

© 2006 Anne Oni Mouse

Looking back I would certainly understand why people called me a pervert, though at the time it was a description I rejected. I had a love of the female form and spent much of my time trying to view it when I could. At the time my name was Andy Mouse and I had got myself a job renting out deckchairs, just so that I would be able to view the babes on the beach. I was rather overweight, but as I was only looking at them it didn’t matter so much.

While I was often able to view the pretty girls on the beach from a distance, the real buzz came when I got up close to them.

So it happened that I was walking along a sandy beach when I saw a beautiful young Asian girl changing to go for a swim. She had a lovely, lithe, young body with pretty little breasts. Her slim legs were just perfect and I was very turned on by this vision of beauty.
What I hadn’t noticed was an old man, who I was to later learn was her grandfather, standing away to one side.

Unfortunately for me, the white haired old man had seen me and was infuriated as I kept on staring at the young girl who was now in a black, one piece swimsuit.

I was startled when I became aware of the old man muttering, just to my left. Suddenly I found that my body was completely frozen, I couldn’t move a muscle. There was definitely something wrong, but as I was stuck in position I couldn’t find out what it was that was happening to me.

My frozen body was definitely changing and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Initially it felt like my flabby body was becoming more toned.

It felt quite good as the pounds seemed to fall away, but I was pretty convinced that this wasn’t simply a matter of slimming down.

Suddenly, much to my embarrassment, I felt my shorts slide gently down my legs until they nestled around my feet. Now I was completely naked and visible to anyone who glanced my way!

How much weight had fallen off since this began?
Suddenly I was aware of a very weird sensation in the area of my cock. Oh God! What was happening down there? This was not good, not good at all!

The changes continued and I could feel that by now my body was becoming very thin. 

There was also a sensation on my chest that suggested something to me that I really wasn’t ready to think about.

The cumulative effects of the feelings I had felt so far were telling me the likely final result of the changes. If this was true I was about to embark on a very new life.

Suddenly I became aware of something that was tickling the back of my neck and realised that even my hair was not in a style that my torturer liked.

By the time that I regained control of my body I had a horrified idea of what had been happening. It took little time for me to confirm that I was now a very different person.

Where once I had been a fairly fit young man, I am now a young woman, and not just any women. For the previous twenty six years of my life I had been a white male, and had an infatuation with pretty oriental girls, and was very attracted towards their tendency to be submissive towards men. The body that I now inhabit is that of a pretty oriental girl who couldn’t be much more than eighteen years old.

Slumping to the floor and began to examine my pretty new body, I knew that I was now everything that I had so desired to look at in the past.

Absent-mindedly I picked up my old white shorts and found that they had somehow become transformed into a girl’s top and skirt, very suitable for beachwear. So I thought I should put them on to avoid being arrested

Amazingly, though all that had been happening to me, the girl I had been observing had stayed completely oblivious to what had been going on behind her back.
Before I had been standing, staring at the lovely girl, topless in just my plain white shorts. Now I am still in what had been my shorts, but I am also a lovely girl.

Boy, was I self-conscious as I grabbed my arms up to try and hide my chest from the gaze of others with the same desires that I had towards pretty girls.

Just then the object of my desires spotted me and waved. She asked me if I would help her with her suntan lotion.

What could I do, but be of assistance to another girl, another
girl just like the one that I had become.

Mai Ling’s grandfather looked on, admiring his solution to the problem I had posed. Before he had considered me as a threat to his daughter, now I was a new friend for her.

Yes, I know that I was wrong to stare at women, but wasn’t I just doing what all guys do, it was just the natural thing to do.

So, if you fancy a girl, don’t stand there staring. Talk to her and you might avoid my fate, unless, of course, you really do want to be the object of desires yourself.


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