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18 September 2010

Captain's Final Log

This is Captain Tobius Sandrine’s final log entry.

I have transported the rest of the crew from the USS Challenger to safety, but the transporter is now malfunctioning as the ship of drawn towards the black hole.

As I face up to my certain death I am at peace with who I am and my body is now as it should have been. When I was a young girl I always wished to be a Star Fleet officer, but soon saw that women found it hard to reach senior positions. It was then that I underwent an experimental genetic transformation that made me a man allowing my dreams to come true.

As I face my death, staring out into space, I realised that I should face it as myself. I therefore went to the medical bay and, inserting a sample from my original DNA into the emergency repair unit, am now Tabatha again.

Please tell First Officer Stark that I love him.

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