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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

26 September 2010

Dancing girl

That was the biggest mistake Mark made and it cost him his life!

He had been having an affair with a beautiful Spanish dancer and his long term girlfriend, Annie, found out. This is bad in the normal run of things, but she was a witch and determined that he would pay dearly. She did no let Mark know of her discovery and planned her revenge over several weeks.

One day when Mark was having a shower he noticed that his shower gel was stinging a bit, but thought little of it. Over night, while he slept, the gel worked its magic.

When Mark woke up he could see nothing and couldn’t move. Then the duvet was pulled back and a towering Annie bent down and lifted Mark’s tiny and solid figure. She then took him and dressed him in a flamenco dancers dress and shoes. He could do nothing except accept everything.

Annie then postioned him in a dancing pose on a pink base, placing his feet on a blob of glue. Finally she slid a glass cylinder topped with a pink disc on top to keep him free of dust.

He was well and truly done, his life was gone and he could do nothing.

Annie kept Mark on her dressing table where he could see her making love to the many lovers that she had over the years.


  1. My all time favorite so far :)

  2. Thank you. It took a while and started out with simply turned into a dancing girl. Then came the turned into a model dancer and put in the box. Finally I changed the costume to Flamenco, which helped the story turned out.


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