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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

25 September 2010


Mordran shrieked in terror, like the girl he now was, as he could only watch as the ogre Guthrie approached  his gift.

When Mordran had been taken in battle he had feared a brutal death or many years as a prisoner. When offered the chance of confronting the ogre to win his freedom Mordan had eagerly accepted as he was not an unskilled warrior.

He thought little as he was chained for his captors explained that it was part of the ceremonial preparation, Sweet oils were rubbed into his skin, a rather pleasurable experience, which made him relax and feel drowsy. Even while standing chained the warrior fell into a deep sleep.

It was only when he awoke in a newly feminine form that he realised the treachery of his captors. He, or now she, was not to meet the ogre in combat, but as a sacrifice to do with as he wished.

As Guthrie lurched towards his prize Mordran issued a silent prayer for a swift death. It was not to be as the ogre took his prize in a way only a man can take a woman.

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