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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

28 September 2010

A woman out of time

This story started out as the text, which I typed out and I then made the illustration to fit in. This is the complete reverse of how I normally go about things.

Professor Howard Morris was horrified when he emerged from his new time machine and could smell the stench of burning and smoke was billowing from it. He anxiously tried to see what was wrong, but there was a flash and the machine disappeared.

Howard immediately realised what had happened, the damaged machine had invoked the recall protocol that returned it to his laboratory for repair. He had intended that to only happen when he was in it, but could not remember actually adding that check.

Despite being a highly practical man Morris was by now beginning to panic as he was trapped more than one hundred years before he was born and without any access to technology to get himself out of here. It was only now that he noticed his attire, which was extremely attractive and very pretty for he was now a she.

The machine always would select a suitable disguise to create and as luck would have it this was the first time it had made him female. He had decided to investigate the tales of Jack the Ripper and now he was a woman on a dark London street.

Suddenly the worry about the time machine was gone and instead a real fear overcame the newly vulnerable woman as she thought she saw a man lurking in the shadows and hurried along to find some company for protection.

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