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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

09 October 2010

New girl in the group

Blonde and Proud were a manufactured girl band, three beautiful blondes with a soft melodious sound. After three hits one of their number decided she had had enough and quit to travel around the world.

No way was the management going to allow that to be the end of the group, but there was a problem as the girls didn’t sing themselves and that was a secret that needed to be kept. They had always been a studio group and only appeared where backing tracks could be used.

Suddenly everyone was looking at producer (and real singer, Max Kent. Before he could say anything he was being made up to look like the newest member of the group Maxine Cornwall. Max was not particularly happy about the change of role as he rather enjoyed being the man with the girls rather than one of them.

Soon the girls, with their newest member, were back on track and the critics agreed that Maxine was a very good choice.

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