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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

17 October 2010

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Bruno could only watch in horror as the needle approached his imprisoned body and then drilled into his penis before the plunger started depositing its vile green contents into him.

It had seemed a good deal when the prison staff offered him full remission on his sentence if he agreed to be the subject of medical research into human fertility for a year. As he was in for a minimum fifteen more years how could he decline their offer. He was assured that it was completely safe, and would not make him impotent. With all the guarantees he quickly signed the forms and looked forward to his early release.

As the needles contents hit his body it relaxed and, through a drugged haze, Bruno watched as he began to grow breasts and his body shape changed. Eventually he felt the needle withdraw, but when he looked between his mounds Bruno realised that it was his penis that was withdrawing back into his now feminine body.

It was now that he found out that the study would examine how a woman would get on inside a male prison and he was that woman.

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  1. This another great one!!! Would make a great full length story,forced transformations by machines,love it.


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