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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

26 September 2010

Beguiled into a handmaiden

Professor Magnus Schlapp has been exploring in the jungles of South America when he came upon this temple inhabited by a group of gorgeous women. The apparent leader took him into the temple and gestured for him to kneel before her.

There was something about this lovely creature that made him want to do whatever she told him to, even though she spoke a language that even he had never come across before. The more she spoke in her sweet soft voice the more beguiled by her and enslaved to he he was.

Magnus could not know that she had plans for him that would involve him becoming her new handmaiden. He could never have understood the magic in the words she spoke, for they went to the very depth of his soul and transformed it in preparing for his body taking on its new form.

In his current state Magnus would never have objected to anything his new mistress requested. Now Mestrina knew of the role she was to have and glorified in every word she heard. Then she felt the physical changes and marvelled in them.

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