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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

16 June 2009

Coming soon - Daddy's Lesson

I am currently working on a comic about a useless father who is taught a lesson by his daughter who is distraught following her mother's death. It will probably be a week or two before it is ready for release. In the meantime I have put together a promo image from some of the images that may or may not be used in the final comic.

25 June 2009: The story took a twist that surprised me and may take a little longer to complete than I was thinking.


  1. This looks interesting - can hardly wait to see it

  2. I hope it will see the light of day, currently about sixteen pages long. It played a trick on me and the story didn't go as I was expecting.

  3. hey Anne why don't you give us the 16 pages then let us comment that might brake your writers block. ??


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