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Anne Oni Mouse sTumbles

25 June 2009

Brandy gets used to her new position

This is the story of a woman blackmailed to accept her new life and forget that she was ever a man. If the threat was to kill your child could you really resist?


  1. I think brandy needs to get a baby sitter for her baby that the rich man gave her and you konw who she should get would be her old son and over the monthes get him into the program and get the long lost older daughter Brandy loved

  2. There's something weird with this image file -- it looks OK in the browser (Mozilla, IE, Opera) and in Windows XP's viewer and thumbnails, but my (rather old, I admit) copy of ACDSee, a (recent) IrfanView, XP's Paint and QuickTime Picture Viewer show just the girl image in a black background, with no visible text.

    I think it might be that the image is mostly transparent with no defined background color.


Any thoughts on this?